Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time and Temperature, Too

I wanted to make her wait but my own desires were getting impatient. I tried slowing my breathing and tried to make myself calm, I tried some techniques from some Eastern religions. I thought, "Buddha would not be happy with me right now."

I tried to recall some other teachings that have enlightened me, like "Nina Hartley teaching to eat pussy."

My mind was racing. It was tired of all this "slow bullshit." I had to keep telling myself that "We've been here before, your patience will be rewarded." My throbbing cock wasn't buying into it. I told myself to, "Play it cool."

I moved lower.

I thought, "Good girl," and recalled the first time I heard, what I now saw, called a "wide on," and further thought about how much she must be wanting to be 'Jilling off,' but she's trained herself well, she hasn't so far made a movement with her hands to reach between her legs, the best I could sense was a clenching to a fist.

I spread her lips slightly and kiss her clit hard and dead on. She instinctively pulls away, as if getting an electric shock. I know it was mean. I know that she will forgive and forget. I think, "That's what you get for handling pain better then me."

I do my best to mimic Nina. I wonder if the owner of this pussy has seen the video and knows that's what I'm doing. I tell myself, "You'd be a fool not to listen to Nina and she knows that. If she knows, it's to your credit."

I marvel at how wet she is.

I suck the wetness from her and then lick her wet again. I tell myself to suck around the clit as I fight the urge to lick it hard. I want to be mean again.

My body is telling me to finish her, to make her come, because she's almost there. My body knows that once she comes then it will be my turn. I tell my body, "Not just yet". My dick replies with a throbbing pain.

I indicated that I got dick's message by wetting two of my fingers, she's still plenty wet but sometime sending two fingers in quickly takes too much moisture up with them. I lick them but I return my hand to her leg holding the two fingers just off of her skin. And soon as I retouch her leg she says, "Please."

I think, "Your wish is my command", and shove them in quickly and do that come hither movement thing just right above her pubic bone, slow and hard. Her legs start to go weak. She tries to reach back to the bed but I made certain earlier that it would be out of reach. She searches for something else to grab onto but there is nothing. Nothing but me.

She puts one hand on my shoulder and the other on my head and pushes taking most of the pressure off of her right foot. Through clenched teeth she says, "Oh, god," and starts to fall forward, her comes runs down my hand.

I quickly pull my fingers out so that I can catch myself as we fall backwards. She ends up by my side and bites my ear lobe, hard, and asks, "Why did you make me wait so long?" I feel her shiver. I replied, "They say, to those that wait, good thing come." Then she squeezes my erection, what I hope is, as hard as she can. I wonder how the fuck she had time to grab it, I swear she's part ninja/pickpocket/magician and thank the powers that be that here isn't a zipper on my ball sack. She then says, "They also say that payback is a bitch," and slides on top of me.

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