Friday, January 06, 2012

Here and there

It was cold in the kitchen on Tueday morning so I turned the oven on. It took the chill off.

I finished making my coffee and washing the dishes and then touched the off button on the front of the range. Normally the touch is followed by an electronic click and then the oven shuts off but there was no click and the oven did not shut off.

I believe I said,"Shit."


After work, part of the house seemed a little cool which is not uncommon on one of the coldest days of the season in an old and drafty house with tall ceilings. I turned on a fan to circulate the warmer air by the ceiling around to the rest of the room.

Later, when I returned to that part of the house, it was even colder.

I believe I said,"Fuck!"


I do not think that I will get my oven repaired; I will have it replaced.

I did get the heat working again.


We were warned about the interruption tha was to happen at 11:30AM.

We were not warned about the rant that was to follow the interruption.

The room is mostly full of knuckle daggers and mouth breathers.

They mistake having a big mouth with having courage.