Thursday, March 31, 2011


Another fish story

So for luck I went to the Museum of Fine Art. I went there because she likes it there and I would get to use my membership card for the very first time.

For further luck the went to the New American Cafe. I was rather unimpressed with the menu.

The fish entree said that the fish was simply seared and that you should ask your server what fish they were serving because it changes from day to day; so I asked.

I don't eat fish or seafood but Melissa wants me to eat better and specifically eat salmon. The fish of the day was salmon.

I ordered the salmon.

I haven't actually eaten fish in about twenty years and I know that my tastes have changed over the years. I hoped for something good.

My server sold me on the potato soup as a starter and that was good. I checked my emails as I briefly waited for my fish. It was simply seared and was served over wilted greens. Greens are another thing that she wants me eating more of too. There was also a side of roasted beets.

I thought, "So, here we go," as I flakes off a piece from beneath the skin. It tasted like fish. I ate the whole plate of it as sophicately as possible, mostly mixing each bite of fish with some of the greens.

I don't think that I will be ordering that again.

I did get a discount because I am a member.

At five o'clock, my time, I made certain to cross my fingers and now I am lounging in on a leather sofa in MFA overlooking Museum Road making this post and hoping everything went splendly for Melissa.

The museum must coat their windows with something because each rain drop rolls down separately.

Well, that's it for now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purple Snowman

My niece's artwork is being displayed at City Hall; hers is the purple snowman.

This is just fruit by the garbage can.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Timmy

This is a surprise love note.

I love you very much.

You do not have to publish this; I just wanted to leave you a love note where you wouldn't expect to find it.

~Your Melissa

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pizza for Dinner

Roasted Garlic - Two Heads Worth

Red Bell Pepper - Green Bell Pepper - Jalapeno Pepper

Red Onion

Home Made Pizza Dough

Tomatoes - Sliced & Diced

Basil, Chopped

Genoa Salami, Pepperoni

Cheese Pizza

Pepper & Onion Pizza

Pepperoni & Salami Pizza

Spinach & Feta Pizza

JalapeƱo, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion, Roasted Garlic, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Blue Cheese Pizza 

There was another pizza that had cheddar cheese and roasted garlic, that I added the diced tomatoes and basil to after it came out of the oven but I neglected to take a photo of it. It was inspired by bruschetta.

The pizza dough is prepared at least one day in advance and left in the refrigerator overnight. It is taken out about 45 minutes prior to needing it. The oven is cranked up as high as it will go. My oven tops out at 500 degree.  I have two baking stones so I can bake two pizzas at a time, but I prefer to do just one at a time, if there is no reason to rush. Each pizza is baked for about 12 minutes. 

Quality home made pizzas are a lot of work so I don't mind paying some pizzeria ten to twelve bucks to do it for me but reaching in with a peel and pulling out a browning and bubbling pizza from your own oven is pretty damn cool.

(Melissa made me post this)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Who are you?"

I sometimes get paid to sit and watch. I used to get paid to sit and watch more often but mostly we have people we can hire to sit and watch but I had a hunch that there wasn't going to be much to watch so I figured that I would give it forty five minutes.

I counted cars for three fifteen minute intervals and wasn't asked anything from anybody in the neighborhood except for the last two minutes. Normally, in a quiet neighborhood, the residents tend to ask you what you are doing which sometimes throws off your counting.

I don't count in my head, I write down hash marks, the kind were every fifth one is diagonal. I didn't have too many diagonal lines.

I was parked outside a house where an elderly lady fussed with her recycling bin when she wasn't looking out the front door.

I figured she was wondering what I was doing outside of her house but could not muster the courage to ask but then a car pulled up behind me and a guy in his forties got out and entered the house.

I then figured that the old lady had been just waiting for her son. A couple minutes later a little girl walked down the stairs and peered into my passenger side window. I smiled and waved. She seemed rather indifferent and went back up the stairs.

She had dark hair the just passed her shoulder and dark brown eyes and a serious look.

A moment later she looked in my window again as she was walking passed with whom I assumed to be her father.

I waved again.

"Who are you?" she asked with a sense of protection, at me through my closed window. I turned the car on so I could lower the power window. "I work for the city and I'm doing a traffic count," I replied but she seemed skeptical. Her father said, "Well, now we know."

I still don't think she believed me though, but she wanted information, so she asked. I could imagine her overhearing the conversation between her father and her grandmother about what I was doing, seemingly just sitting there doing nothing at all because one car would pass about every three minutes. She took it upon herself to ask, she went to the source and to her family's credit, they let her ask. I was seated in a car and she was on the sidewalk and they were not more than eight feet away, so the little girl was in no danger (because I know somebody is probably thinking of saying something about not talking to strangers). I was slightly surprised that one of the adults hadn't asked.

Editor's Note: I was in front of the beige house on the right.

Locked up bookcase outside of Brattle Book Shop (It was raining)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody Loves A Parade

This guy was a big hit with the folks on the other side of the roadway and that wasn't even his horses' shit he was shoveling up.



Moron walking through my shot

Darth was a crowd favorite

I haven't a clue but she's jumping in a jumpsuit.

Little Boat on Wheels

The girls next to me were having a good time; this is one of them.

Rosy, you used to be so hot!

That's a Sarah Palin Look-A-Like in Back

Boston's Elvis

Oh, I'm sorry Elvis of Boston.

Big Dog

Almost got a better shot but the shutter lag is huge. I had wished for my SLR.

Dude, it could be worse; it could be raining.

 She's not praying, she's waiting for her baton. Maybe she is praying.
(There's a buttcrack in the background)

Green Socks

I wanted a shot of the three little girls but I didn't want to seem like a creep so I 'shot the dogs'.

This drummer was old

This firetruck was old

She had too much.

Ghostbuster? Really?

Embrace. He's whispering: I really want to rape you.

He's saying: Yeah dude, I'm totally going to nail this chick.

Her top was down.

He was broke down

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am not here like I used to be. The infrequent things that I do, I can do from home - mostly. There are some paychecks that I still have to print in the office, well I don't have to print them here but here is where the checks are and there is no advantage to printing them at home and then driving them in.

I was waiting yesterday for a call that never came. I know about the deadlines that people are trying to keep so even without a phone call, I'm here at the office because things need to get done.

So, I wait.

Her photos did not come out too good so she wants them redone. She asked if I wanted to retake them. I said, "I'll loose my parking space," which means that I don't want to retake them.

I actually do want to retake them because then at least the photos will suck by my own hand and I will not wonder if better photos could have been taken but it was her responsibility to get the photos. I would like her to get the photos. I don't think that is too much to ask.

So, I wait.

I'm not actually waiting, I'm goofing off on the internet and I could be starting the layout and other things which I will do right now.

Monday, March 14, 2011