Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Toast Is Not An Option

The meal we ate most was breakfast and when you go out for breakfast just about everything you order comes with toast; you are usually even asked what type of toast and then are given three or four choices.

We would place our orders and when Melissa would say "No toast," for her type of toast she would get asked again and again she would decline the toast and at least once it was explained to her that the toast comes with the meal and even then she would say "No toast." Every time she would have to repeat that she did not want toast at least once.

I didn't want to cause all the problems of not ordering toast that I would witness Melissa experience so I would just order the toast, even though I am trying to cut down on my grain consumption. I think I always ordered the dark rye but I may have gotten wheat once; then I would only eat one slice worth.

You might think that they would happily not bring you toast because it helps their bottom line and it's one less thing they have to worry about but I could imagine some expediter in the kitchen seeing a plate without toast on it asking "Where the toast for table six?" and then it would be explained that someone on table six didn't want toast and then it would set off a conversation about who doesn't like toast and then I would hope that someone would say that it's not a matter of liking toast or not it's a matter of dietary needs or something like that.

During one late breakfast we discussed how that I was an international thief.

The eurostar logo is on the front and there is a little star on the back.


Melissa said...

An international thief and a book thief together? What larceny will we get into next?

Lesson I learned: People in Boston taking toast very flacking seriously.


Timothy said...

Sweet sweet larceny.

Next time you should get the toast and have it boxed to go at the end of the meal and then feed your toast to your little furry friends.

I would say, "And then give it to the homeless," but I hate the homeless. I don't think the homeless should be fed at all, not until they get a job and a home.

Melissa said...

I wonder if the waitress would also get angry with me for asking for a box for my toast? Maybe I'll just put it in my purse and slink away with my head down, ashamed of my gluten shy immune system. I think that would actually have made the waitress at Victoria's happy.

I also think I might make a goody bag for the squirrels. I'll be a hit with all the vermin!

Timothy said...

I think you should get the toast, carry it outside for all to see and then fling it across the street towards the park that is there.

You could be the crazy toast lady.