Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Some Wooden Boxes

Just some wooden boxes

It turns out that I was kind of in charge on Friday, my supervisor was out and his boss was out, so I had the largest title out of the four people left in the division. I only realized that I was in charge after I rushed back from a late and slightly extended lunch and it was made evident that no one was looking for me or would have been looking for me because those folks were out and because someone said, "Hey, Timmy you're in charge".

I got back in time to sign out for the day. It was a busy Friday. I survived. There is more to do on Monday.

Today, Saturday, I fixed a toilet and upgraded it to a dual flush so it can flush a little or a lot depending on which part of the flush button you push and your flushing needs. It's very tony.

It was the second toilet in the house that I have fixed in the last five days, there are seven toilets in the house but only six of them are hooked up to plumbing, the seventh is a spare.


Melissa said...

What if you misjudge your flushing needs and push the wrong button? Now I'm going to be nervous about using that toilet.

Timothy said...

Don't worry too much about misjudging your flushing needs because the worst that can happen is that you waste water and end up killing planet Earth.

The instructions are a little vague as to which flush you need, they only really tell you when to use the lesser flush and that's for water and paper and I assume anything else that might wind up in a properly used toilet would get the full flush but I believe the instructions are silent to that, I'll reread them later and maybe send you a PDF of them.