Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody Loves A Parade

This guy was a big hit with the folks on the other side of the roadway and that wasn't even his horses' shit he was shoveling up.



Moron walking through my shot

Darth was a crowd favorite

I haven't a clue but she's jumping in a jumpsuit.

Little Boat on Wheels

The girls next to me were having a good time; this is one of them.

Rosy, you used to be so hot!

That's a Sarah Palin Look-A-Like in Back

Boston's Elvis

Oh, I'm sorry Elvis of Boston.

Big Dog

Almost got a better shot but the shutter lag is huge. I had wished for my SLR.

Dude, it could be worse; it could be raining.

 She's not praying, she's waiting for her baton. Maybe she is praying.
(There's a buttcrack in the background)

Green Socks

I wanted a shot of the three little girls but I didn't want to seem like a creep so I 'shot the dogs'.

This drummer was old

This firetruck was old

She had too much.

Ghostbuster? Really?

Embrace. He's whispering: I really want to rape you.

He's saying: Yeah dude, I'm totally going to nail this chick.

Her top was down.

He was broke down


Melissa said...

OMG I hate I missed the parade!!

And the horses!

And the people, and the firetruck and everything else and seeing it with you.

I really hate I missed seeing her with her top down.

Next year!!!

Timothy said...

She was wearing a pink bra.

She was having trouble standing, but there was nothing I could do about it. She was quite willing to be with him.