Monday, March 14, 2011

From the iPod, Today.

I can cut and paste from my iPod now so you can receive ridiculous stories that I would normally just throw away.

I see six young men walking towards the door and I see one of them wearing glasses; one lens was red, the left lens was blue.

I looked at all his friends and they appeared normal so I looked back at him to gauge if he was moron or just a goofball.

I deemed him the latter and then noticed that one of his buddies was wearing the same style glasses.

With glasses like that either all six need to be wearing them or just one person; two is just stupid.


Melissa said...

People in Boston do strange things.

I bet they were toast eaters, too.

Timothy said...

I think they were from the suburbs.

I pretty sure of it. It was their big day in the city.

I think they were asking about a restaurant that still served toast at 1:12PM.