Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another fish story

So for luck I went to the Museum of Fine Art. I went there because she likes it there and I would get to use my membership card for the very first time.

For further luck the went to the New American Cafe. I was rather unimpressed with the menu.

The fish entree said that the fish was simply seared and that you should ask your server what fish they were serving because it changes from day to day; so I asked.

I don't eat fish or seafood but Melissa wants me to eat better and specifically eat salmon. The fish of the day was salmon.

I ordered the salmon.

I haven't actually eaten fish in about twenty years and I know that my tastes have changed over the years. I hoped for something good.

My server sold me on the potato soup as a starter and that was good. I checked my emails as I briefly waited for my fish. It was simply seared and was served over wilted greens. Greens are another thing that she wants me eating more of too. There was also a side of roasted beets.

I thought, "So, here we go," as I flakes off a piece from beneath the skin. It tasted like fish. I ate the whole plate of it as sophicately as possible, mostly mixing each bite of fish with some of the greens.

I don't think that I will be ordering that again.

I did get a discount because I am a member.

At five o'clock, my time, I made certain to cross my fingers and now I am lounging in on a leather sofa in MFA overlooking Museum Road making this post and hoping everything went splendly for Melissa.

The museum must coat their windows with something because each rain drop rolls down separately.

Well, that's it for now.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you went to MFA and I'm glad you tired the restaurant so now we know what it's like.

I'm quite sure it was farmed salmon and I don't know what on earth they might have done to those greens. You need a proper home cooked meal with Alaskan salmon and properly cooked greens.

I wish I would have seen the rain with you.

Thank you for sending me good thoughts. I think some of them reached here.

Timothy said...

Wilted greens is how they described them on the menu, they get them like that with a quick sautee I believe.

I also believe they were beet greens.

I overheard that the salmon was wild but that doesn't mean I won't try a proper home cooked meal.

I would have liked it better if there was some sort of sauce or seasonings.

Parts of Massachusetts were forecast to get snow so I'll take the rain.

I was doing what I could with the good thoughts.

Melissa said...

I wouldn't use beet greens. I bet I would wilt them differently, too, and season your salmon a lot better.

I heard you guys were going to get snow and I thought "Wow, snow in April????" The rain looked rather peaceful.

Timothy said...

Watching the rain roll down the window made me wish that I had had better video equipment with me.

There was a slushy mess of snow on the ground this morning. Hopefully it will all melt soon.

Boston got snow, enough to shovel, in May at least once that I can remember.

King said...

Yeah snow in April is not unusual.

Salmon is best throroughly cooked in my opinon. The Queen broils it with sea salt and its excellent.

Timothy said...

Damn fish lovers.

Nome of the restaurants in the MFA get good reviews so it was kind of my own fault for choosing something I don't normally enjoy from an unknown restaurant.

I will try salmon again along with other types of fish.

Thanks for the info on salmon, King.