Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Once Kissed

Once, I had a very precise dream about a kiss and I posted about it. She mentioned that she really liked the post, that she really liked that type of kiss, so months later, when she leaned in for the first time, my plan was to do my best to replicate that kiss.

First, I mostly just made my lips available; she let me know what she wanted. So much for plans.

What she wanted was tender and intimate and delicate, lips slightly tugging on lips and only the very tips of tongues touching, after. The tongues had no restricted movements but there was a particular depth which was respected at all times and produced a rather passionate kiss totally free of any incidental slobber. Spittle can really ruin a moment; we didn’t have that problem. Each kiss would end with another delicate pull or two of locked lips.


Melissa said...

Your kisses are so wonderful !

Green Catfish said...

My kisses are almost as good as yours