Monday, March 30, 2009

About ten climbers a year die walking up Kilmanjaro

Summiting a mountain is pointless unless you can make it back down to tell about it.

I’d be that sucker that would risk his life to safe some know-nothing-dumbass.

That’s why I stay off of mountains.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not surprisingly an antonym for honest is dishonest

She plays outside the rules sometimes.

I wonder where the honor is when a win is obtained outside the rules.

She answered my silence by saying “What? We’re never gonna see those people again.”

“Those” instead of “these,” they was already behind her in her past tense.


I was about eleven when I followed a friend to a community center and we started playing bumper pool. It started with just the two of us but then some other kids came in, so we started playing the winner. I knew one of the new arrivals, he was in a grade younger than me and his older brother was in the same grade as my oldest sister. I was the only one that didn’t know everyone else and I was the only one that wasn’t known by everyone else.

I beat my friend so one of the new comers played me and when I started beating him, his girlfriend started cheating. She was leaning on the table and would place one of my balls back on the table after I had already sunk it. I didn’t notice at first because I was just playing for fun and when I caught her red handed, she started to take the ball back off the table but I stopped her and told her to leave it.

I ended up winning but I passed my turn to my friend. We left after he lost.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The weather was nice

The was weather was nice so I didn't mind that my car was in the garage. I ended up walking through the Public Garden. I noticed these little memorial plaques that I hadn't seen before and when I sat on the first bench I came to that had a back to it, I was surprised that I recognized the name.


She was killed by a pepper ball shot from the gun of a police office during a rowdy moment in Boston Red Sox History. The pepper ball entered her eye first and then her brain.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

According to Word, this post (minus the title) is 337 words

Sometimes, I’ll sit to write and will actually write but then I'll erase it all because it all just seems to be just talking. Some say, “Never erase” and I sort of agree with that but usually people erase because they have feared that they have shared too much. I erase because I think that whole thing is rather boring and doesn’t tell a story and is rather pointless and I feel that it would be a waste of time for a reader to read it.

I’ve read that nobody wants to read what you had for lunch when they are reading your blog but there are times when I would not mind reading what someone had for lunch. What a person has for lunch is a little peak into who they are, or it can be from time to time.

But then, I wonder about stuff like: if Superman has to launder his Super Suit. I know he must have to do regular laundry, how do you fit laundry into your schedule of saving the world? Does he have a laundry service? A laundry service doesn’t seem to fit into his farm boy upbringing. So sometimes I'm interested in the everyday stuff is what I'm trying to say.

I had blackened chicken pasta for lunch yesterday. It wasn’t as tasty as I remember it but then the cook that was on that day was not the best cook they have.

I want to get one of those books entitled “How to Blog,” not to improve my blogging skills but just to see how much I would disagree with the author. I know of such books because the bookstore keeps them in the section that has books about authoring web pages (HTML, Dreamweaver and the like).

I haven’t worked up enough courage to walk through the check out with it. I worry that others will think that I am trying to learn how to blog.

This post is getting too long so I will end it here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

At best he was angry, at worst he was an angry racist

I was untangling my ear buds while the public service message requesting no smoking, please, came over the message system but I figured is wasn't meant for me because I do not converse in Spanish but the guy next to me took some sort of offense because after "No Fumar, por favor," was finished he replied "How about go fuck yourself, por favor."

Yeah, me neither

What's odd is that I think you deserve words and not photos of a turkey or of some large feathered fowl in the neighbor's yard.

The sun is playing hide and seek in the clouds and is wreaking havoc on my lighting.

Jill asked what was it that caused me to schedule two vacation days in April. I told that I would rather not say but that it really wasn't a secret.

I volunteered to bake bread for a church which will only require one work day but I figured that I'm not really going to want to show up to work on the next day.

I committed to six loaves but I don't think six will be enough, so I'm shooting for twelve.

Did I mention that I picked up a KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer? Well, I had a coupon for 20% off and there was this expensive mixer that I was thinking of getting so I got it.

Jill said, "I didn't know you were that into church."

Yeah, me neither.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've known Dave for years. I knew Todd for minutes. I was looking at the other camera.

They were going for serious

I was going for serious

I don't have much to say







Saturday, March 21, 2009

Glamour Girl (or eff you blogger there is a 'u' in glamour)

"What's that one's name?"

"Kristin," I said after looking towards where he pointed with his chin.

"What's she advertising now?"

"I can't tell yet."

"Shit, I don't mind staring."

"Yeah, but I do."

It was at the shift change and Kristin came in as an added bartender. She was wearing the required black top but hers had something spelled out in glitter which come to think of it was actually rhinestones and whatever the saying was, underlined her cleavage; cleavage is part two of the requirements as the best that I can recon.

I don't mind looking at pretty girls and all their pretty girl parts but I don't like being a creep about it, I prefer to give the bartenders the allusion, that I'm somewhat of a gentleman.

She came over and asked how our night was; she was the bartender at the first bar of the night of us roaming around with a our former bartender; we left her bar to visit our friends. She knows that former bartender. I showed her the picture Lauren left for me which I thought pretty much summed up the part of the night I would talk about.

Her top read:


Glamour was twice the size in letter height as Girl

Thursday, March 19, 2009

...later is now

A friend flew in from Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day and to make it more of a trip she came a day early and stayed a couple days later. Our plan was to meet for lunch on Wednesday and then again after work. Lunch didn’t go as planned and we only got to see each other for 10 minutes, so then we were going to focus on after work.

After work, she was still hanging out with a mutual friend and that mutual friend texted me to say where they were so I joined them. We talked about old times and other mutual friends which lead to a call to a bartender we all know.

We went to where he was working, which is classier than most of us are on any regular day but he didn’t care because he’s a good friend. After a few, we got the word that he could go as long as nobody was at the bar and seeing how only my group was at the bar at that time, we left with plans that he would meet us up the street.

Up the street we were all introduced to the new friends of our friend from Vegas. While our friend from Vegas was catching up with her new friends, Lauren asked me about my family, my job and Lady G and her kids. She asked if there was anything new and the best I could come up with was my iPod Touch which I pulled out and showed her.

She then scrolled through all my photos. She said that my nieces had gotten big and then she asked why I didn’t take photos professionally. I told her it was because if I had to take photos then I would end up hating taking photos.

We talked for awhile and then she said that she had some bad news for me. The news was that someone had stolen her Red Sox bottle opener. She then called everyone into the conversation and lamented her lose. I said it was just a bottle opener. “Yeah, but I had it for three years, Timmy. And my best customer gave it to me,” she stressed the ‘my’ and the ‘best.’

Three years is a long time for a fulltime bartender to have a bottle opener. She was always losing or having her bottle openers stolen and it’s hard to claim back your bottle opener when all the bottle openers look the same, so when I saw the type of bottle opener that she likes with a vinyl grip and a Red Sox logo, I bought it for her. I really didn’t think much of it at the time.

We then joined the group in their conversations had more drinks and maybe got a little silly. She asked me for my camera and after a moment when she was handing it back she told me that there was a surprise on it for me when I got home.

I'll tell you later




She said she left a surprise on my camera

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's my life and mostly I like it fine

She called at about 10:30am and asked if I wanted to go get ice cream. I really didn't give a care about getting ice cream but I did want to be with her so I said, "Sure." She then said that she would have to get out of bed which was somewhat of a relief to me because I thought it was too earlier for ice cream.

She called me back at about 3:00pm and we set a time for 6:00pm to meet. And by we I mean she.

She was reading something in her Saab convertible when I pulled into her parking lot at six on the dot. I let her see me before I opened the passenger side door and sat down.

We drove about eight blocks and watched some guy take a metered parking spot that would have served us grandly; we waited a bit to see if something else would turn up. Nothing turned up, so she backed up a bit and then cut across three lanes of traffic and parked in a spot reserved for the consulate. She told me to wait as she jumped out of the car and into Ben & Jerry’s.

I pulled out my iPod Touch and checked my email, thanks to the free wifi being broadcast from the Four Seasons Hotel. There was nothing in my email worth checking.

She came out and said that she wanted the Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt, in a cup but with a cone as well. I got a cup of Cherry Garcia, with no cone. She drove us back to her house.

We were talking about me and whether or not I would want kids; she was saying that kids are a bunch of work; I was saying that I didn’t think I would mind but I’m getting kind of old for starting a family. To change the subject I pointed out that her daughter had just left her third floor apartment and was coming down the stairs.

She rolled down my window and shouted her daughter’s name. When Little g approached she smiled and said “Well, hello Timothy.”

She always calls me Timothy and I think that’s kind of cool.

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is what the area usually looks like


Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's just stupid even if the windows were down

So, I was in a hurry, not in a big hurry but the kind of hurry where you just got be be somewhere soon but for no particular reason. I wasn't rushing but I didn't want to be held up either.

But none of that really has any bearing on the story.

My car was the one directly behind a four door domestic with an old couple inside. We were waiting at a light and I noticed his bumper sticker which said "If you get any closer, I'll FART," and the word fart was in some gas cloud type thing.

And, I thought "Who gives a shit, your windows are rolled up."

no comment

faneuil 01

faneuil 02

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey, Timmy.

I'm leaving this note here because you asked me to, you wanted to make note of the Patron story that you told Kim.

I think the story is rather uneventful but at the time you thought it might be something you wanted to write.


I got a fax yesterday addressed to Timmy Catfish and then she called me today and asked if she was speaking to Timmy.

Well, kind of. I'm the person referred to as Timmy and I don't mind being called Timmy by those who know me but to strangers I like to be called Sir Timothy.

Or Tim.



Tony is in his eighties and Tony is a class act and Tony is a regular at the bar and I've never Tony even close to drunk and I've never seen Tony eat at the free buffet during happy hour.

I've eaten at the free buffet. The food is the same as if you ordered it off of the menu only in a larger quantity so the quality suffer slightly but it is free. Anyway, I've never seen Tony eat from the free buffet. I've seen him grab napkins but nothing from the buffet; until today and that worried me a little.

There is a group of guys that come in for the free buffet and they are known as the dinner crew. They chew and then they screw so I know some people are there for the food but seeing Tony grab a plate made me think that maybe his fixed income isn't working out for him.

Tony has no wife, he has no children. Tony is a veteran of World War II.

I need to keep an eye on Tony.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being her champion used to be different

I wait to hear.

I know I'm not going to want to listen.

He says that he talks to me because at least I answer him back.

My magic is gone and my patience is lost.

He should say those things into a different set of ears.

I grow wearier.

I tell myself that I should take hope that at least I'm growing.

It's a joke at which I do not laugh.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Striving - yeah, not so much

It seems like a waste but 60 watts in equivalent light is too much at the moment so it’s moved to the side.


Too often I wait until I have time. I should be making time but having things fall into place is an art form I often possess; and I believe that sometimes, it pisses people off.

I like my iPod touch, it’s a mighty fine way to blow $400.

(I got the 32GB)

I sync my work Outlook Calendar with my Google Calendar and then sync that with my iPod. It kind of makes me feel like I’m on the original Star Trek crew; although it’s probably more Next Generation.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pardon me, I'm mostly just typing to type.

(This note was written offline)

I feel alone which makes this crowd of people around me even more irritating.

The sun is shining so I grill outside. I think the sunlight will do me good.

I write notes on my ipod touch while I listen to the shuffled songs.

Pardon me, I'm mostly just typing to type.

Can't see the iPod touch for the trees or maybe my shiny forehead


Saturday, March 07, 2009

And that one person probably changes from time to time

There is only one person in the whole world who truly has it the worst and that one person probably isn’t complaining all that much.

I wonder how that would be figured out: who has it worst, because I would discount self-inflicted calamities.

I’ll tell you who doesn’t have it good and that’s the lady that got mauled by that chimp.

no hands, no eyelids, no some other things.

It bothers me that a chimpanzee did it more than if it was some industrial accident or even if a bear or a mountain lion mauled her; and I don’t know why.


My union is most likely going to approve a wage free. The deal is that no one from my union will be laid off if we put off a previously negotiated raise. There are some other things involved. I think it’s a good deal.


access is spotty

i found my pda


i listened as he stood up. I thought something profound was about to be shared, mostly because he had just said 'it's like how that guy summed it up so perfectly'

what followed was, 'when starbucks comes to town, you get your shit together'

i wondered, 'WTF?'


I found this old note on it

he worked the kiosk that sold the magic tricks, i was looking for chattering teeth he said, with a Russian accent that he had whatever i wanted. i thought about asking if he had a liver, blood type o, but i was afraid that he would say yes.

And these:

She was all business with the caesar salad and the business was of a violent nature

Eight years old baby sitting old people

There was an asian on his cell phone like he was explaining why the hit didn't go down

They ordered their lattes and then proceeded to stand in the way.

On april ninth i wrote after so many years working on the climb i was uneasy at the summit. I was just checking old notes when i found it. It didn't make it to the blog

i look to the right and see losers
I look to the left and see posers
the posers are like me
but most likely a loser you see

us posers look down on the losers

I'm glad she chimed in because at first I though he was offended

He used to work in the same building as I do and we would run into each other from time to time at a bar after work. He retired at 55, probably about three years ago but I’ll see him around the area from time to time but usually during the winter months he’s in sunny Florida. So, I was surprised when I saw he at the coffee shop.

“Hey, how are things?”

“I can’t complain,” he said.

“Oh! Then obviously I’ve mistaken you for someone else.”

“You missed it; he was just complaining,” the coffee shop girl added.