Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I hear salvation comes in two years hence

Every time I write the payroll checks, I'll write one for myself. I'll then paper clip them altogether and then leave them for the owner to sign, all except mine.

I toss mine into my desk drawer.

The honor is gone but the loyality remains

The shit thing about being dependable is that folks start to depend on you.

in other news blogger places the titles by default too close to the body text
As luck would have it, I had left my flash drive sticking into my work computer. Actually, I can't blame luck on that one.

I didn't need it but the thought of it being left alone with the cleaning crew and late day stragglers worried me a bit.

Anyway, it's back in sight.


It's been my goal of late to write fantastic stories or daring and danger. How's it working so far?


So, that statement about the cardinals; I picked that up a long long time ago.

From Character Sketches

The very nature and character of God is seen all throughout His created universe. Job remarked, “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee” (Job 12:7–8).

There was something about the cardinal. What I recall is that it's very territorial and will chase off much larger birds and other animals. I don't know if it's true or not; or if I even remember it correctly. I just think the premise of being the most ferocious songbird is funny.

Kind of like touting the sturdiness of the firmest jellyfish.


He has a lack of confidence that causes him to abandon his point of view.


I look at jpg magazine and think "I've seen a lot of this before," for the most part and then I think "My photos are nothing that haven't been seen a thousand times before," for the most part.

But then there are a lot of other photos where I just say 'wow.'

So, then I wonder what is it that makes me like some of the photos that I take. I wonder if it's because it's a good photo or because I care about the subject? I ask "Would a stranger care about this photo?" frequently my answer is no.
She seems to be willing to tell me anything which is a good thing as much as it is a bad thing.


She's 78% class and then Brooklyn makes up the balance.

Every time she says the word 'call,' I smile just a little bit.
I was a little surprised at the noise the tow rope made as it broke. It was more of a thud than a snap; my sister noticed it right away. Her Jeep broke down at the supermarket and we were towing it home. I figured that I would rather be the one rear ending my own truck if someone could not apply the now unpowered powered brakes in the Jeep fast or hard enough.

It wasn't her fault the rope broke, I was going to see if I could pop the clutch to start the engine but instead of turning the engine, I exceeded the strength of the rope. Hence the thud followed by the clunk of the metal hook hitting the asphalt.

I told myself "Good going, jackass" and followed that by "What ya going do now?"

One of the benefits of living were I do is that most everything I need is no longer than a ten minute drive away. I returned with a tow strap. The strap touts to be twenty five time stronger than a rope.

I got tired of writing this. We did end up getting it to the driveway.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

This post is untitled

Sometimes when I have nothing to say, I feel like I should come by here and explain that I have nothing to say.

Like I don't think folks are smart enough to figure shit out without me spelling it out for them.

No photos. I must be slipping.


I sort of put out money for a digital SLR for business reasons but I've taken far more personal photos with it.

The guy in the Chinese restaurant called me back to the counter. He explained something about the Egg Foo Yong that I didn't understand beyond that what I was going to get wasn't exactly what I ordered. I just said "Okay" once he stopped talking. When I got it home, it did look a little different but tasted pretty much the same. It was like they just cut the ingredients into sizes that I wasn't accustomed to.

Because that was such a fantastic story I told it to my sister and she said "What if he was explaining that there was spit in your food?"

My writing is slipping too

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Later when I called her she said she peed in a bush

I always try to be there the first day; I like to think that having a familiar face at the bar is a welcomed thing.

I sat in my usual seat as she was on the phone. She smiled and motioned with a pint glass and I nodded. She then handed me the phone.

"Guess who"


"That's right" she said with a slight slur. It was one thirty in the afternoon. "I'm here at Stephanie's and our boy Dave is getting me fucked up"

"Yeah, Dave's good at that"

"Are you coming by?"

I didn't have an answer right away. I was there to give the new bartender an easy customer and I couldn't figure out a way to do that without staying put but chances to drink with Emily wouldn't be coming up often. I tipped large and left with a promise of returning.

When I met up with her she was on her second peach margarita; a particle shit show ensued. She got a little loud but when you’re a hot piece of ass, you're forgiven more than others would be.

I sucked down my first peach margarita after she demonstrated that you have to smash the peach wedge on the bottom of the glass and after that, ordered another. She matched my drink order as she told me something that she couldn't before because she had still been working at the bar.

"Everything Danielle said about me was false. I didn't want to say anything because I knew she was your favorite." Danielle never told me any specifics about what was going on between her and Emily. I wondered what she thought I was told. I just let her talk; she seemed to want me to know some things. What she told me, I mostly already knew.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

time's a wasting

She sat next to me. I sat in my usual space. I hadn't seen her in at least four years but it could have been as many as seven. However many years it was, they were better to her than they were to me.

I tried to pretend that I never loved her but I matched her smile when she got me to look at her.

"I heard you had died alone."

"Soon enough," I replied.

Em's the one on the right

Sometimes, it seems like forever when it was really just a day.


I have a sister that fancies herself a writer of poetry. I would occasionally be exposed to her stuff and would think "anyone can rhyme; that doesn't make it a poem."

I've been forced to write poetry, if that's even possible, and I've written things of free will.

I can feel the difference between poets and posers.

Rhythm without rhyme.


So, Emily quit. I should have known something was up because the last time I spoke to her she added herself to my cell phone.

I would usually see her when she worked the night shift on Friday. She also worked the day shift on Sunday. I used to never go in on the weekends, mostly because it seemed excessive but when the rumor started eight weeks ago that she was going to quit, I made it a point to drop by.

I would bring in espresso and she would make martinis for us. I would be surprised if she ever charged me for half of what I drank.

I'll probably will never call her. I'll probably send her a myspace message once or twice and then fade to black.


"Those pictures are great. You do good work."

"They would be better if I was given some direction." (That horrible English, isn't it?)

She had wanted me to "stitch" together the entire length of the city block on all four sides. I would snap a photo every fifty feet or so. After, the third photo, I knew it wasn't going to work but I shot the entire block anyway and then took the shots I thought would work. When I got back with 119 photos, she then told me what she had wanted.


She wears too much makeup for a pretty woman.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I took today off from the day job. There is a summer program that uses the tennis courts that are across the street from my house. When it rains, they cancel the program for that day. Today it was raining and someone had to tell the news to those who chanced showing up anyway. I felt a little bit of guilt as I watched them wait in the sprinkling rain as I sipped my coffee as I watched from my kitchen window.

I think the guy saw my looking so I went out to the back yard. It hadn't actually started to rain and the temperature was spot on for drinking a hot coffee.

Driving to Home Depot to purchase ant poison is one of the things I do on my days off.

Another this is to take photos of unmoored boats.

I like my new mower. It's self propelled. I used to make fun of the self propelled mowers. I thought they were for the lazy and the weak.

Anyway, I mowed the lawn the day before so mowing it again was really out of the question so I used the other new machine I got and started chipping into mulch all those branches that had been collected for years.

Whenever I mow, and today while I was mulching, this little gray bird always sits close by and watches. He'll eat any moth that gets disturbed; any moth that isn't white, that is. I think I read somewhere that cabbage moths are a bit toxic maybe the bird has read the same thing.

I took a shower after mulching and while dressing I checked my phone. I listened to the voicemail from the missed call and made the requested return phone call. Things needed to be done for a presentation the very next day. It was four thirty.

Photos needed to be taken and presentation boards needed to be designed. It's now quarter till eleven. I'm done.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yeah, it's a self link. Bite me.

I laughed a little when I read this.

You're just damn lucky I didn't post all 116.

"Smile for Timmy." I think - Shut it, mom

One thinks - hee, hee a photo
The other thinks - why is Nana so pissed off

More of Nana pissed off

I forgot what she was explaining to me

Cat homicide

I forget what she was explaining to the cat

Rear wheel driver's side. This broke.

So I drove to get a new one.

I got a new wheel and a new mower and some plants.

Third door

It's a monkey see, monkey do sort of thing.

My flag is faded

Windshield racing

Roof top marching

I was down most with the just sitting

But I'm a sucker for a smile

They we're closing the windows, so I couldn't get in.

Lunch break


Keeping her skirt on

I think she thinks her aunt talks too much

Sometimes, I look up

Some of this tree is held together by a cable. This tree worries me a little bit.

This is a weed. If a weed has style, I'll let it stay. That and I'm too lazy to be picking weeds.

I bought a ten dollar bucket and this was in it.

This was in the sixty dollar bucket.

"Hey, man. Lookit this baby."

Goof runs in the family. Just ask my younger sister.

I was told by her sister that she was in no mode for photos. That's not a friendly smile.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

picture this

This is the one I broke. (lomography.com)

This is the one I haven't broken yet

This is just some damn shoe. It had just started to rain. Most likely the previous owner was drunk at the time he lost it. I know I was drunk when I took the photo.

This is just a gratuitous skyline shot. This area is fenced off while the grass grows.

est. 2004

I'm still mildly surprised by it, that I'll follow one of the "Referring URL's" from some search engine and read whatever post produced the hit and like what I wrote.

I only like my old stuff. If I ever like this post, it will be months or years from now.

Years, since 2004.

I really should do something with my life.

maybe Monday

I've been catching myself just staring at the calendar trying to pick days to take off. I'll be staring for a couple minutes before I'll snap out of it, usually when the boss is walking by or something.

I have nineteen days of vacation to use.

You should invite me over to your house with specific dates so I don't have to make any decisions about vacation days. I won't actually stay at your house; I'll just be in the area on those specific days. Maybe we'll arrange so I'll run into at the coffee shop and you'll say, "Hey aren't you the Green Catfish?" and I'll look around all spy-like and say "Yeah, but I'm trying to keep a low profile."

And then you'll ask me about some of the stories I have transcribed and whether or not they are true and I'll be like "I wrote what?" mostly because I forget things after I write then which is probably why I write thing - to get then out of my head.

Or maybe you could vacation in Boston and I'll take those days off and arrange it so that I'll run into you in the coffee shop or something.

But either way, you'll have to carry the conversation, if you want a conversation because I'm okay with just standing around being quiet.


Sometimes when I'm standing around being quiet, I'll be thinking of what I'm going to say if someone asks me what I'm thinking about.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes, the mountains will hold back the clouds

"Miss E says you're cute."

"Cute in what way?" I asked because we were just talking about me trying to be slick.

"I said you were going to see your girlfriend. She asked "Tim has a girlfriend?" I said that you have lots of girlfriends and then she said "Well, he is cute.""


Things were so boring in work today that I almost broke down and did some actual work that actually needed to get done.

Little g is back home safe.

For the third time in ten days I drove the 187 mile round trip from Boston to Northfield, Massachusetts. This time I got to drive my truck. The other two times I was in a borrowed Rav4. There was something I didn't like about the little SUV that I really couldn't put my finger one despite sitting in it for nine or more hours until I was driving my sister's Jeep. The steering wheel was too small. I couldn't comfortably rest my elbow on the window while holding the wheel and the alternative of resting my elbow in my lap while holding the bottom of it didn't work either. The small steering wheel forces you to hold it without your arm resting on anything, which isn't a big deal for short commutes but for longer trips it's a pain in the ass.

I wasn't supposed to make this last trip according to Lady G. She wasn't going to ask me because she felt it was too much of a thing to ask; three trips is one too many I guess.

It was a great day for a drive. It was a better day for the beach or a picnic. I managed to quickly wash the outside and clean up the inside to a point which the truck hasn't seen in years. It impressed one passenger and actually made me feel better.

We drove to the dorm she was staying at to find it totally cleaned out when we were met by one of the councilors. She told us Little g was waiting at the Main House.

When we got to the Main House, Little g was resting against her luggage on the near perfect grass, she was with the three remaining staff members and one other camper. I smiled a little because at least we weren't the last to show up.

Lady G did her usual friendly banter. I lowered the tailgate and pushed the large piece of luggage towards the front of the truck bed. My normal routine is to smile and nod and toss in an occasional "Well, you know...".

On the way back Lady G watched a DVD on her laptop and Little g took a nap stretched out on the back seats. I occupied my time by maintaining a speed of nine miles over the limit.
I called her that morning and left her a voice mail; I then proceeded about my business and when I had finished my business I went downtown.

I had given up drinking even though I had a few beers on Friday night; my plan had been to get lunch. I ended up splitting an order of something with the bartender while sipping a beer.

Espresso Martinis were suggested so I had left for Starbuck's. The bar is on a do nothing street which doesn't get a lot of traffic so I was quite surprised to hear my name called from a passing vehicle.

"You are so busted," Lady G continued from her window.

"What? I'm going to get coffee."

"Yeah, but where are you coming from?"

"I was eating lunch. You can confirm that with the bartender."

"Did you call me earlier?"

"Yeah, how you getting Little g tomorrow?"

"I was supposed to have a ride but I think it fell through. We'll talk about it later. You are so busted."

"I'm getting coffee!"


When I returned to my seat at the bar I told Emily that one of the reasons I was cutting down on my drinking was because Lady G thought I drank too much and that I had just ran into her on that little back alley street.

My stool neighbor made out like a bandit yet again. He offered to buy me drinks but I told him it wasn't necessary. Damn moocher.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

since Friday

Photos were taken

It was late in the day

But earlier that day...

I had seen a bee in the roses

and liked these colors

and spied contempt

I did purchase a camera which fires its four lenses in a time delayed series. I took eight photos and then promptly broke it on accident with brute like force.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was just over at twitter and I was wondering, if ever, the real Timothy Green thinks about me.

Four out of five of those letters are actually in my actual last name, and in that same order.

I bet he wishes that he was cool like me.

stupid makes me crazy

If you ever want to see me a little bit riled-up then just say a series of stupid things when I know you're not stupid.

"No, wait! Does that make any sense?" I asked.


"What you just said."

"No, but that's what I was told."

"You don't have to believe anything that doesn't make any sense."

and you probably shouldn't

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I need a vacation but everywhere I go, there I am

Lady G's mother was complaining that Little g's room was on the top floor as she was making her way up the three flights of stairs. She told me that I could go on ahead but I held back so that I could still see were people were going without losing sight of her.

"At least she'll have a view," I said not knowing if that were true or not.

While I was dropping off Little g to Eye Doll camp, I stole some snacks. One such snack was a fruit roll up type thing which I found out doesn't handle the heat too well but my niece made the best of it until we tossed it into the freezer.

I was told I was lacking shots of the youngest niece.