Friday, September 28, 2012

It is not that I forget, it is most likely I never got the chance to remember

The way I remember to spell the word 'their' is to tell myself that the word 'the' is how it starts.

I do not think that my brain stores information like most people's but I haven't really ever investigated it.

There are times that I will tell myself that the word that I want to spell is spelled the opposite of what I think it should be but then when I get more familiar with the word, I forget which way is the opposite way.

I usually have to anchor my memories to some existing memory to get myself to remember.

Strong feelings

I cannot believe that I am advocating for soup.

I can understand not likely certain soups but to say all soups everywhere suck is something I do not understand. I am not a love of soup but I have eaten some good soups which include chili's and stews.

(this one is about you)


Things have not been too delightful lately and I am most likely over stressed and I deal with stress by reducing myself to the size of a few molecules which means my world gets very tiny, so tiny that I cannot work a keyboard.