Friday, April 29, 2005

so the other day dude is sitting at the bar

dude's name is Bobby

Bobby says his age is 36 and I like "Holy fucking shit!"

because Bobby looks like he's fifty something and I'm older than Bobby says he is

I'm getting my hair cut

I'm getting them all cut

and the hair cutter, who has been cutting my hair for eight years, asks "How long have you had the facial hair" and I say "It's been awhile. Sometimes I'll shave it off for a week or two but then grow it back" and then she says "Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter because you have such a baby face"


"dude, don't be using the 'dude' thing with me"

this wasn't to me but I do say dude too much
so - me - I listen

I'll listen to your jokes, your problems, your opinions, your ideas

I listen with the hope of being able to contribute something in return

but sometimes I have nothing

my thoughts don't quite jell so all you will get is a knowing nod "message received"

a message was received recently and it scored me a Charleston Chew last night

sometimes listening is good enough
it comes and goes, nothing really dramatic

a feeling that I sometimes have it too good even though things are usually just modest

so I wait for the other shoe to drop

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I tell a joke a green catfish production

6.4MB of quicktime movie

(the joke isn't the funny part)
sometimes i just don't have the time or effort to hate so i don't

hate's a lot of effort
which is more important the pinhole or the film?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"That doesn't sound good"

"As long as it keeps *sounding* I really don't care"

"You're the fucking best"

"Gee, I only thought I was wicked piss-ah"
Gunmen shot an Iraqi woman member of parliament Wednesday

welcome to liberty

maybe I'm rude, maybe it's a city thing but I'm in a city

maybe I'm some rude city boy but when I make eye contact with you and make a showing motion with a small bottle of orange juice in my hand and then place it on the sales counter as I reach into my pocket for cash as you continue to talk to your co-worker, I kind of expect you to know that I would like to purchase the small bottle of orange juice and I may be a little perplexed when you stop your conversation and ask me "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, I would like to buy this"
I have to pick up my game

my business game

my other business game

my personal game

sometimes I'm a hack

my dad was a hack, he would do things, unconventionally, quick and easy.

crude but effective

sometimes I'm a hack

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

so, back to work I go

I have a new jig saw and a new 4” belt sander.

I really shouldn’t be left alone with cash.

I fixed a shower head

installed a light


got a haircut

cleaned up the basement a bit

started to jack up the kitchen floor so that some day it may be close to level

slept 16 hours a day (I’m just guessing at this one)

bought a $2.97 part from Sears for my second shop vac, so now the filter will stay in place, twice when I’ve let someone use it, it has come back without that part.

today's agenda

today's agenda opens with

get a haircut

I guess it closes with that as well

Friday, April 22, 2005

Monday - off
Tuesday - off (from the day job)

plans - nothing

if I had more guts I would grow my hair out to ten inches or longer and then donate it
I bore me

to my right

I got to park in front of the company's unused garage, usually someone else is parked there, I looked to my right and noticed something on the garage that wasn't supposed to be there, I thought 'I'll have to remove' it but then I saw what it was so it stayed.

Raymi crossed my mind

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I’m pretty sure if I had to deal with me day and in
day out I would end up committing work place violence
on myself

fortunately, I don’t listen to myself that often

I’m tired of having to challenge myself

I want someone else to do it for me

I pretty much know my abilities, henceforth I have
nothing to prove.

henceforth – where the heck did I pull that from?

I’m going to Sears to look at power tools

you get what you ask for, sometimes

Where's my go-to-guy? Who do I call when I need help getting things done?

The help is there you just don't ask

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Oh, yeah...

I made a box that rolls like a champ

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

xtx says I should laugh more

here's some of last friday night (8.3MB of mpg)

I was making my way home & chewing gum
"Hi" was the greeting I received from the barkeep

I was there for the lunch special and a ginger ale

"Hey. How you doing?" I replied

"I was drinking for twelve hours straight last night"

"I wish there was something I could do"

"You could work for me"

"I would like to but I don't think I'm qualified"

"Why? Your tits aren't big enough?"
so, I say "Naw, I'll get it" because he was reaching in his pocket.

I was getting myself a cup of joe and asked if anybody else wanted one and someone said "Yeah, a french vanilla"

I got the french vanilla and the coffee pourer writes what looks like F U on the cover

so I swapped covers just so the guy who was getting the french vanilla didn't think I saying F U to him.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

a change

so, I’ve been taking a little time off from my normal routine

I really don’t drink that much or at least I don’t think I do. On average I’m probably out for a drink less than once a week, that’s not to say I’m not at the bar more than that because sometimes I’m there just for lunch. And I don’t think I exceed my limit too much but I think it sometimes makes for good video so you get to see it frequently.

But anyway Friday night I went for a few and I don’t know what it is about Jennifer but she always seems to be able to get me to have one or two more than I would recommend for myself but she usually always gets me to try something new.

I walked in and I couldn’t get a seat at the bar but Jennifer asked if I wanted a shot and I thought for a moment and the dude sitting at the bar said he would do a shot with me so Jen set us up. I offered to pay for the shot but the dude insisted he pay so I let him but he said I could take care of the tip. I started counting some money and Jen said “No. He’s starting a tab” so I started a tab.

Saturday night I went to a professional wrestling match at the local armory, one of my sister’s students was involved with the promoting of it and he was looking for chairs to be filled. I can fill a chair. It wasn’t a bad show. They don’t serve alcohol there so the crowd usually behaves, I’m told. I really liked the “Holy Shit” chant that took place when someone jumped from the top rope into a crowd of other wrestlers.

Sunday, I went to the ballgame, the home team won. I have pictures in my Buzznet account.

tomorrow the plan is to build a dolly for my video camera so I can shoot videos for the company webpage.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I hate pennies

a green catfish production

penny.mpg with subtitles

about 11MB

I don't really hate pennies

I hate nickels, even the new ones, but I don't hate the buffalo nickels, I like those

tax day

taxes are done

I'm actually getting money back this year

first time in five years

I needed stamps to mail my tax forms so from the vending machine I got these

and on the back of the little envelope in which they came, I was informed that the stamps are semi-postal

Thursday, April 14, 2005

par for the course

so, there is this guy at work who tells stories of how he has done this and that and everything else during his tenure at this place of employment and he's always "Hey, look at me. I'm the cat's meow" and such, and he's going on and on about something unbelievable, I just basically ignore him, I'm just nodding and stuff just so I won't be rude when his story finally ends, one of my co-workers comes over to me. This co-worker is a mother of two and a grandmother to three and she says to me "Years ago I was in an argument with him about birthing a child. He thought he knew more bout it than me"
the way the phone call went (my version)


"Hi, Tim?"


"Are you planning on being in tonight?"

"I wasn't planning on it but if someone needs something I can come by."

"Oh, okay. I guess it can what"

"What is it?"

"Well, the client called today looking for his check but if you're not coming in he can wait"

"I can come in if you want."

"Naw, I wouldn't worry about it. I think he's going away next week so he wanted his check but it's only for three thousand dollars, I don't know why he needs it"

and she's dead serious when she says that then she adds

"Well, if you have time maybe you can do it"

"Leave the file, I get to it if I can" I said even though I knew I was going to make the time.

so, I was there writing the check for the client and as long as this check is in our possession the file is considered open and I only write commission checks on closed files but I hear the agent in question downstairs and I know the owner is down there as well, so I can possibly close this file out then and there.

The agent is speaking with the owner so I tell the owner I need her to sign the check so it can get given to the client and if the agent promises to give it to the client I can write the commission checks and close this file out. The owner looks a little confused, I assume it's because usually we don't give money back to clients, so I explain the uncommon deal and add that the client has already called for the check.

The agent interjects "That's why I had Timmy come in" to which I just grin my Cheshire cat like grin and the owner gives a surprised look, a look that conveys a message of "Oh really?" So, the agent adds "If he had time" because the owner knows I don't let the agents tell me anything. I work for the owner not for the agents. I let it go because the agent is trying to make herself seem more capable than she really is and I was letting her have her day.

so, the check gets signed and I explain to the agent that if she takes responsibility for the delivery of the check I can write her commission check and I ask if she needs any information in the file to get the check delivered or could I keep the file.

She seemed not to understand and I wasn't certain what was causing her confusion because we're dealing with standard office procedure so I say "I'm not going to deliver this check but once it gets delivered I can pay you. Do you need an address or a phone number from this file so you can deliver it?" My words where met with a blank stare which I met with a look of bewilderment so the owner stepped in and asked "How are you getting that check to the client?" to which the agent said "I'm dropping by his place of business"

Which is great for me because now I can close out the file, I just need to know what the special split that she worked out with another agent in the office, so I ask what's the split? and she says "I don't know yet I have to talk to the other agent" which surprised me because she had previously left a note that said to call her so she could tell me the split.

I just tossed the file back in the open file bin.

At least the client will get his check before the weekend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

so, I was told "he can wait"

he is a client

he makes us make money

I don't think he should wait

I'm sure the owner thinks the same

so I'm here on an off day, a day I'm supposed to be doing my taxes. I left the house with only my phone for electronic equipment, no camera, no pda, no camcorder, no stickdrive - nothing but the phone and I do seem a little lacking.

I'll probably see something and say "Oh, I wish I had my camera"


I was thinking earlier today that I would like to do a serious video on something but as you may know I can't keep a straight face so I think that's out but I'll run it by the production team.
sometimes I can be as patient as the day is long

I can be very understanding

I can deal with it

sometimes I can be very impatient

I don't want to deal with it

like when two half assed software guys go on and on about software they really know nothing about

So, last night on my way to the second job I drop by to get a steak and cheese from my favorite steak and cheese place. I got it with lettuce and tomatoes, I also got a ginger ale. Once it came time for me to pay the new lady asks "Just this and the tonic"

to which I replied "Yeah" but I really wanted to point out that my ginger ale is not a tonic.

Tonic is a very regional term for a carbonated beverage and I dislike its use.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

here's a little production i've entitled Camcorder

it's about 9.8MB of MPG movie


i'm going to take the second company hollywood and put video on the webpage.

i've been resisting it for years. i actually posted some video years ago. i think our page was the first in the area to have video but i didn't like the quality and it was a pain in the ass to shoot and convert but times are different now.

so you get to see the trials and errors of me just checking out the equipment and the software.

i think 10MB is a bit of a mouthful for most systems out there so I'll fuss about with the file format, size and quality until it's something I don't dislike
So, I get to the second office early, which is always a mistake it seems, and get bombarded with all sorts of things so I just weather the storm, hear everyone out, fix what I can right then and there and then go up to my office.

In my office I have to step over around a liberal dose of sunflower seeds spread across my floor just so I can place my things down on my desk that has a liberal dose of paper clips spread across it.

The owner’s daughter is a little bit imbalanced at times and today she thought empting a couple containers of small things onto the floor and desk would be helpful to me somehow.

But what can you do? There is only so much you can blame her for so I start collecting the paper clips off of my desk when one of my co-workers comes up the stairs with a certain amount of urgency and starts saying “Ten, eleven, twelve” like I know what she’s talking about.

So, I stop my collecting, look in her direction but not actually at her and ask “What?!”

“The pictures for that ad are numbers ten, eleven and twelve”

I return to my collecting because her urgency is unfounded and I want her to know she disturbing me and then say “That doesn’t help ME. I don’t need to know that, *so-n-so* does. She renaming the photos”

“Don’t you need them? They’re 10, 11 & 12”

“Yes I do need them but *so-n-so* is renaming them, you need to tell her. She renames the stuff and I pick it off of the network, that is how it works”

Not for nothing but didn’t you notice all the sunflower seeds all over the carpet?

freak'n holy cow

so those four tickets I have to the ball game sunday

I've asked like six people and they can't seem to make it mostly because folks have recently or will have already gone to a game and can't get to go to two games in a week's time because of family commitments.

I'll know tomorrow if I have three tickets left or just one. So if your in the Boston area and have nothing to do at 2:15 Sunday afternoon and want to see the game from some pretty fine seats let me know.

working for a living

I'm doing what I do during the day and this part of my doing has me standing on the sidewalk looking at things and while I'm looking at things I notice this young lady hanging out the passenger side window of a red mustang. She is calling out to the gentlemen from her slowly moving vehicle which is slowly moving due to traffic congestion. Well, it would be the gentlemen she was calling to if I were in a different part of town, in this part of town she's calling out to the fella's only she's doing it kind of discretely.

The first time, she passes me, while I'm headed in the other direction, and she says "Hi" and I give her one of those upward nods that means hi and just kept walking but then I had to turn around and check something out in the opposite direction and I pass her and this time she says "Hey, baby" to which I replied "Hey" with a smile and then added "I'm working" to which she replied "So am I"
there are times when I want to say something

times when I'm even willing to say something

but I then I'll get this hunch that I am not the best to deliver the message and that I should be quiet

sometimes I ignore the hunch

other times I go with it

usually the hunch seems to be right though

Monday, April 11, 2005

over hyped

I actually started to believe the hype

my hype

the hype being said about me

but once the people left

once it was quiet

I was mortal once again

I'm glad I did try to stop any speeding locomotives

Sunday, April 10, 2005

that short video actually made it to the web

it was there for about a minute

a hail of praise caused me to second guess my judgment

the judgment that kept the video in-house on the local drive

I posted it

viewed it

then my own words came "I rather have no picture that a bad picture"

it was deleted

quality control

it's just a muffin

so, I’m in the second office showing some little video production I had just created, work related, which turns into some quality time with one of the co-workers.

I don’t give quality time too much but it was her birthday and all and I still think she thinks that she is still viewed as an outsider so, I cut her more breaks than most.

She talking about brochures and ads and stuff because a big client is going to want some big output. She asking if I would have the time, so I’m telling her this and telling her that, and she asks:

“Are you hungry? Because I have a carrot muffin that I couldn’t eat and I don’t want it to go to waste.”

So, I think for a moment. I’m not really hungry but I do like carrot muffins but I’m trying not to eat when I’m not hungry. I’m trying to be good. I also have a problem with accepting gifts but I also realize that sometimes you have to let people be nice to you, particularly this person, for me anyway, I can’t speak for about you.

I guess the delay was too much for her so she tries to close the deal and she says “Let me show you where it’s at” so, I follow her to the kitchen and she pulls a box from the refrigerator and says “Here it is” she opens the box so I can actually see that muffin, I guess to prove she isn’t joking. It looks like a good muffin, then she says “Feel how heavy it is” and she reaches in the box and then hands me the weighty muffin. It was wrapped mostly in a sheet of wax paper so no human hands actually were touching the muffin but still it all seemed a bit odd.

So, I tell her “I’m not really hungry right now but maybe I’ll eat it later” and I put the muffin back in the box.

To which she replied “Okay, but if I see this muffin here tomorrow, I’ll be really upset. It’s a good muffin and I don’t want it to go to waste”

So, I assure her “If I don’t eat it while I’m here I will take it home with me”

All in all it was too much drama for a muffin

even a very heavy, very tasty carrot muffin

Yeah, I ate it a couple hours later with a mug of Chinese tea

letterbox version

Friday, April 08, 2005

you have got to move product

So, dude is selling candy for his kid's school only he doesn't come by me because he knows I'll buy the stuff without question because I usually do.

He's taking it easy on me but I don't play that game so I just bought what he had left in the box.

I appreciate the gesture but dued, you have got to move product.

Play me a train song

Yeah, I posted this song before, so sue me unless your Todd Snider then please don't sue me

Play a Train Song

Say girl you're hotter than the hinges
hanging off the gates of hell
don't be afraid to turn to me, babe
if he don't treat you well
and by 'he' he meant me
so I laughed and I shook his hand


"Which place are you at?" - Lady G


"Oh, because I told some people about Trish and that place should be packed"

"Trish is a good show" - me

"And she personable, I'll talk to you later"


I like hips

I gotta go

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Here's Waylon Jennings' version of
Will the Wolf Survive?

here's Los Lobos' version of
Will the Wolf Survive?

I think someone may have made a mistake

Squeezing one out

here is me squeezing one out
it's about 2.3MB of Quicktime movie

beep beep beep beep


“Hey, baby’s daddy. I need a favor” – Lady G

“Sure. What is it?”

Turns out I need to go to her credit union for some business. Probably once a year, I have to make a deposit or pick up a bank check for her or something because she can’t make it. I get there and wait in line and one of the tellers walks by and says “Hi, Tim”

And I’m like “hey”

My own bank doesn’t know me by name.

here’s a little production I have entitled “Desperate for Video”

it’s about 1.2MB of Quicktime movie

tonight - second job and maybe a video

Sunday the plan was to install shelving. The plan called for plywood and it looked liked rain so I had to hurry. At Home Depot, the plan changed, the plywood was out.

I returned home with $350 dollars worth of shelving. The original plan estimated the cost at maybe two hundred which was purely a guess. I just started loading up the cart I didn't really care about the price until the cashier asked for payment. I'm sure I did some eyebrow gesture when she said $347.56. Shooting video of myself has brought an excessive use of the eyebrow region to light. Some is on purpose, most is not.

Both plans called for the shelving to be installed the same day of the purchase but that didn't work out but that was okay because on Monday nights I usually have some free time but Monday's free time sort of got occupied with 16oz frosted glasses of draft beer but that was okay because Wednesday nights I usually have some free time.

Wednesday rolled by, I got home from work and thought about the shelving then thought about putting it off until the weekend. That scenario repeated itself up until a point where I was not going to have enough time to install the shelves.

But then for some reason unknown to me, I got off my lazy ass and put up the shelving so now I have five - six foot long shelves hanging from one of my walls.

Once I had the shelves up on the wall and cleanup was the only thing left, I remembered the Grey Goose in the freezer. I probably should have waited until after I was completely finished before doing a shot of Vodka because I almost immediately got a pain in the back top part of my skull but sometimes ya just gotta do a shot.

Anyway, the shelves are up and the tools got back to the basement even though most of them were previously all about the house and I remembered other things I have been working on but haven't been working on.

I also I got my order from Amazon which I placed on March 31, which included among other things the Los Lobos' CD "How will the wolf survive?"

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No, honestly

people around me are going crazy

if I were more on the ball I would have had some audio to prove it

maybe later

membership is free

so, dude comes out of the men's room stall. I'm washing my hands and see him in the mirror, it's a co-worker so I say "Hey" to which he hey's back then he does this back stretching thing and lets out a moan.

You know the type of moan that says "Oh boy does my back hurt, please ask me about it"

I just walked out

We all have aches and pains, dude

join the club

Prince Rainier dies

I really don't know much about Prince Rainier and I don't know if his marriage to Grace Kelly started out because of something other than mutual love for each other but one of the most powerful photos I have ever seen was when Rainier was sitting in the middle of a seemly empty church with his head hung low grieving the loss of his wife, you can feel the silence of the moment, you can feel his broken heart, you can feel his aloneness.

I have yet to see the equal to the sorrow in that photograph.

I just don't want it

"What is it with you?" I was asked

The dude was walking around like he had something to say, I was doing my best to look busy but finally he just interjected. He was asking if I wanted a certain software application installed on my machine.

It's a nice application. It gives a quality finished product. It looks very similar to something that I use frequently but it's different, different like the difference between a head shot and a mug shot, they are both types of photos, both of the head, usually both are black and white but they really aren't interchangeable.

I said no thanks

He couldn't understand

I tried to explain

where was the photo metaphor when I needed it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm man enough to admit it

accepting it is a different story

the defeated - 723KB of Quicktime movie
she ain't that pretty anyway


Posted by: greencatfish.

I did wave

So, me and that guy went out for a couple after work.

Welcome back.

Lauren was there I knew she would be because I saw her and gave her a wave while I was walking by with Lady G at lunch time.

"So you're too busy to come in and say hi?" Lauren asked when I got there, after work.

"I waved! And I knew I would be back. And you aren't even supposed to be here today." Lauren gave a dismissive wave of her hand like she couldn't be bothered with me.

"Give me my game" she said so I handed her my pda which she brought over to one of the beer distributors and informed him "I don't need you anymore" and showed him she was playing solitaire.

The distributor has a handheld that can play games but his isn't nearly as cool as my T5.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Same old same old

I got a call from Lady G

"Did you eat lunch yet?"


We decided to meet for lunch.

"I'm kind of in the mode for chicken. Where can I get something like that?" She asked.

"Well, the two best places that I know are *my regular place* and *my former regular place*.

"Which is best for chicken and fries?"

"*My former regular place*"

So, when met at my place of business and walked over to my former regular place and Trish was there working the floor.

Trish came over and she was wearing something that showed a lot of cleavage and Lady G said "I like what you got going on there" and they start discussing how to show a lot of cleavage. Trish says the secret is two bras, one good one from Victoria Secret's and then just any other bra. The discussion goes on for a couple minutes and there was hoisting and squeezing and bra strap showing and asking of "what do you think, Tim?" as well. Trish then took our order and then Lady G turned to me and asked "So is it the same old same old with you?" to which I replied "You expect a normal conversation after that?"

"I was just a little girl talk."

"Yeah, it’s the same old same old"

after lunch we walked over to a clothing store where one of us bought three pairs of panties.

I was done be phased

old timey

I can shot video is black & white as well as sepia.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

can't nobody copy the T

I was in Home Depot today buying shelving and at the checkout counter one item would not scan in, so the cashier calls for assistance and let's me know "It ain't me" it's the machine.

after a brief wait she rings in another customer and tells me again that the problem is not with her.

after another brief wait she gets a call with the sku number and tells me that I can pay now, I hand over my debit card and she asks "You Timothy?" which I sort of ignored.

So, she says "You better be after all this and your signature better match the one on the back of this card"

She hands me the reciept that I need to sign and she watches, intently, me - I try to do my best to match my own signature. The pen is a fine tip with purple ink, I start with the downward stroke of my version of a capital T and the paper tears. So, I move the pen over and start again. I finish the T and only the T and she says "Yup, that's you. Can't nobody copy the T, it's unique. Sorry for the wait."

"Don't worry I know it wasn't you"

write this down

bicyclemark talks about the various forms of blogging

I was thinking of this Saturday, when I was on my way to MicroCenter and I was thinking about what I could capture on video.

I’ve done some audio

I’ve done some pictorials (sort of)

I’ve done some video

but at the end of the day I prefer the written word.

What’s good about the pictures and the videos and the audio is that you get a taste of the personality of that person, that you might have otherwise missed.

But I still think you get more soul with the written word.

Kinda like seeing the movie version of the book you read, it’s not the same. Isn’t the book always better?

I’m sure someday I’ll be shaking my fist in the air at one of my great nieces or nephews saying “In my day we had to blog with words, damnit. And it was better!” and then I’ll be asked to stop swearing in front of the kids and my opinion will be ignored.

the guest of honor was missing

Danielle came in at about quarter to six and started helping Lauren behind the bar even though she was only due to start at seven.

Danielle catches me watching her and flashed me a smile and asked “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine but how are you?” I replied. I’ll usually watch the barkeeps come in because right as they get there is the best time to judge their mood. Danielle looked her friendly self.

“Why do I seem like a moody bitch?” which is a tough question to answer but I’m daring at times and I’m also confident that my natural charm can get me out of jams so I answered.

“You do seem a little moody, but I’ve never seen you being a bitch”

“Yeah, I’m having a bad day but things will get better”

I let it go but later in between the conversations I was having I looked over at her and she looks at me and smiled, I smiled back and said “You almost had me believing that one”

“Yeah, but not quite?”

“It was close, though” I assured her.

Still later, when she filling the dishwasher, I glanced over at her and she met my gaze, I smiled at her and she smiled back but there was no heart behind and I said “You’re eyebrows are even higher, now” When Danielle gets irritated her eyebrows go up in the middle and down at the nose, usually it’s just her left one but sometimes she switches them up.

“Timmy you know me so well” she said as I got a real smile from her.

There were seven of us there which was a good turn out considering the guest of honor wasn’t even there

It’s cool when the barkeeps take care of me but it’s even cooler when they take care of my friends.

I'm just giving things a go

they told me to write this:

<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript' src=''> </script>

But blogger didn't like that

so I got rid of the java stuff and I just linked like this:

<a target=external href="">trial</a>

and got this


which works to a degree but...

I like this way better

better (me & the sunflower seed set to music)it's about 440K


I did this just because Regina did it

I do that sometimes

I am a d20

You are the large, round, friendly d20! (You probably didn't know this, but the shape of the twenty-sided die is called an Icosahedron.) You are the friendly, outgoing, outspoken, leader of friends. You are often looked up to, even though you don't normally deserve it. Most other types secretly wish they were you, and you'd give them tips on how, if only you had a clue yourself. Your charisma is often all you need, but you have your occasional moments of brilliance as well--just never when it's actually needed. You are the all-around good guy, a dependable chum, a respectable foe, and an inspiration to those who need one. Who says you can't get by on a smile and good looks alone?

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we toasted the guy in absentia

we had a co-worker return to work after about three months away from the job

people had planned to take him out for a few drinks after work

he really didn’t want to returned home to the wife and kids hammered, so he took a pass

we went out anyway


I have really nothing to say about this one

it's about 2.3MB

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm a sucker

I sit by the large scale plotter at the first job, so crap gets printed right outside my cube.

I usually try to keep an eye out for what crap does get printed because somehow I'm in charge of ink and paper and making sure the plotter works.

Today someone starts printing this photo three feet wide by four and a half feet long. I know who is doing it, I know what job it is for, I'm not really interesting in either talking to the doer or talking about what he's doing so I make like I'm concentrating on my work.

The dude comes by to pick up his huge picture and he's dilly-dallying about which means he wants to talk. I stare at my computer screen and actually start this post in MicroSoft Word.

Like I'm writing some business letter.

Then I hear him sigh. Still I stare at my monitor, but I think I'm going to crack so, I make like I'm going to the men's room but on the way I happen to glace at what he has and he catches me.


And I knew the job. I didn't have to look. If he was having problems enough to sigh about them, they were all his own.

So, he took the opportunity to engage me and I got the whole rundown of the job that I already knew about in addition to the new overhead photos he has access to which I already knew about.

Sometimes, my nose is too big for my own good.

I escaped when someone else was dragged into the discussion.


if you ever wanted to see what it's like to be me, on a good day, pick a day when the you-me gets handed something like these

and this ain't no April Fool's Day deal

is this how today's going to be?

the Show is for showmen

me, I'm more of a private entertainer

old jokes

my friends are a riot

I'm a fool and not just on April first

I've been bringing in CD's to import them into iTunes on the company machine which is probably frowned upon but hey, I'm a rebel.

Today's titles: John Mellencamp - The best that I can do; Lyle Lovett - My baby don't tolerate; Kevin Welch - Kevin Welch; Kevin Welch - Life down here on earth; Sheryl Crow - c'mon, c'mon

iTunes lists the genre of your music for you. I bet I'm above the curve for folk.

minus man

the thing is I would rather have people have a lesser opinion of me.