Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bake Sale on Friday, Come On By!

Once I told my mom that her President thinks that she is stupid.


Bake Sales are stupid, if you have to take the subway to work.

I would rather just fork over the thirty bucks I would spend on ingredients.

They can't sell the bake goods for more that the cost of baking it because no one would by it unless it's close to dirt cheap.

Store bought cookies, still in the supermarket container will be on display.

You have to bake something that will keep.

Bake Sales in work are stupid.

I should just bring in a pack of Thomas English Muffins.

"Here ya go. Good luck finding a working toaster."

I've made English muffins at home.

Someone will bring in bagels from one of the places Downtown that sells bagels. Donuts too.

Bake sales are stupid.

Raffle off a gift basket or something. Damn it.

Stupid bake sale.

Fan Tastic

I don't have a recipe for lemonade

So, when I exited the train station and saw the barriers, I was sick of it already. Maybe I have old man syndrome.

How is your life any better now that the Boston Red Sox have won the current World Series? Are you now a better person? Did you get a raise? Is your wife prettier? Hotter? Sexier? Is your pecker bigger? Is the City of Boston any better? Did the city prove something?

The Boston Red Sox are a privately held business. I'm glad they won but...


In other news, and this may surprise you, I cooked my first whole chicken last night. I slipped some butter and herbs under the skin and brushed the whole outside with melted butter, cooked it on its right side (wing up) for twenty four minutes, then the left side for the same amount of time and then breast side up until it hit an internal temperature of 165.

I took it out and let it rest for ten minutes and then started to carve it up, and then I said "You cock sucking son of a bitch" because the juices where not running clear. So, I put it back into the oven breast side down for about another twenty four until the cool part of the chicken hit 165 too, it started at 145.

I felt lied too by a cookbook.

Maybe I should have used the convection feature of my expensive oven.

I have another fresh chicken if the frig. I will learn.

Once cooked, it was tasty. The skin was crisp and the meat was moist and I'm not dead from salmonella, the morning after, so I consider that a success.

I think I'm going to butterfly the next one and cook it on the gas grill.

And the next one I roast I will turn it four times: Left, right, bottom, top (breast side up). Freaking cook book.


So, prior to all that I was in the supermarket, buying herbs and other things and there was an cute brunette in front of me, a little younger but in the ballpark. She looked over my items.

"Lemons. I forgot lemons."

"How many do you need?"

"Just one."

"Do you want one of these?" I asked as I undid the loose knot I had tied the top of the plastic bag with.


She asked if I was baking something.

"No. I have a chicken to cook."

"Do like to cook?"

"I think things might be cooking right now."

"The temperature does seem to be getting higher."

"My specialty is seafood. I'm fantastic at juicing clams."

"I just so happens I have a fresh clam that could use some juicing."

Okay so some of that dialog is phony but I did give her one of my three lemons.

I merely replied yes to her question of whether or not I liked to cook and then as discreetly as I could I checked out her ass as she walked out the door.

this was from before

The box was out so I walked the half a block to the corner store and they were out too. I cursed a bit. I was finally able to get a paper while changing from the train to the trolley. The paper lady told me to grab a fresh one. I bit my tongue.

All I wanted to do is read the morning paper just like every other morning; I really couldn't care less that this morning's paper was touting the Red Sox as World Champions.

paper - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

It's great that they are World Champs once again but I still have my regular normal things to do. It's not like I'm getting a raise because the Sox beat the Rockies.

And what's up with Colorado's logo? It's looks more like a G and an R than a C and an R, at first glance.


So, my supervisor is out on sick leave; stroke like symptoms has him out of work. He gone for several tests and after a week and a half they still don't know what's wrong with him. The latest is that "It may be stress related," and that comes as no surprise to everyone I tell.

I've been answering his phone and more often than not they are asking for things that aren't in the guy's job description. He's complained in the past of how overworked he is and I've told him in the past that he should just concern himself with his own job and not everybody else's. He hasn't listened.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So, the normal routine is that I go into work about fifteen minutes early, read what I hadn't read of the paper on the train and then at about eight, I have coffee with co-worker/friends. Today, however, at eight, I got a phone call that someone needed maps printed. I figured it would be only a minor delay in my day but I figured wrong because the printer server was down and when the print server goes down all printing everywhere stops.

But the maps were important so I wheeled the large format plotter into my cube and hooked it up the old fashion way, with a printer cable.

It was out for four hours.

Email is working and I haven't a clue as to why the powers-to-be didn't notify folks with a short and to the point email indicating that they suck at fixing things.

So, there was a news crew in the office today. I was told that they would be asking folks whether or not they could concentrate on their jobs due to the Worlds Series

She apologized for trying to seduce me again

I was doing me best to play it cool. I was thinking that I had learned something the last time but when a lady is humping your left shoulder with her ample bosom… Well, sometimes, I revert to 'just man.'

The line I drew was a lot farther from the last time. I kept my tongue to myself. I wanted to give her words of encouragement but I also didn't want to lie. I think when you have two married boyfriends, you're just looking for a heartache and maybe some sort a venereal disease.

She tried to get me to say things to commit me to certain acts but I would say other things.

You need to prove that you can be loved by first loving yourself. I think we both need to work on that.

I forget whatever alias I used for her before.

But the story was that she broke up with her boyfriend. She usually keeps at least two; it was the newest one. Both are or had been married at the time of her relationships.

Me, I'm a sucker.

During the course of the evening she asked why I try to make everyone happy. She brought up that incident two years ago; the one where she was left standing in her hallway wearing nothing but a t-shirt. She confided that she cursed me for three weeks after that episode.

She was hurting but I wasn't going to fuck away her hurt; mostly because fucking never heals the heart, at best it just soothes the soul and that's only temporary.

She wasn't buying the girlfriend excuse probably because mostly I wasn't selling it. I have hard time explaining how I'm not going to cheat on a friend I've know for twenty five years and have never had sex with; I kept with the excuse she was too vulnerable at the moment. She countered with that is how she deals with issues such as this.

I was trying to give her an ear and maybe a little bit of shoulder but that wasn't enough, she wanted something lower.

She tried all the standards:
"Don't you think I'm pretty?"
"Don’t you like me?"
"I just need someone tonight."
"I've read that book 'He's just not into you'."

And others I forget.

I didn't want her to think I was abandoning her but I certainly wasn't going home with her. She said she would drive me to the station in the morning.

I left the train three stops before hers.

I could have titled this "It takes more than a slit."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

But I did it anyway

She knocked on my office door and asked "Do you want to be a hero?"

I said "No."

Caesar is out to get me

Fourteen in three days, but only two in the last one; I hope I'm not being watched and plotted against by mouse society.


That Caesar salad tried to kill me but so far, I have survived. The violent shivering due to the chills was the most annoying.

I wondered if I had been drinking beers with the salad how I would have faired. In the olden days beer was better than water because the alcohol level kept the nasty little germ in check somewhat, or so I'm told.


Black Black Gum/Candy

I blame the cat

So, I have this huge ass pantry. I also have mice. I've know about the mice for quite some time; I've never done anything about them because they never really bothered me and I felt it was the cat's responsibility for keeping the house mice free.

Well the cat is had not been doing a very good job of mousing and the mice had gotten onto a few boxes of pasta so I took matters into my own hands.

I set the two mouse traps I had and that night I got two mice. I reset the traps and at about one thirty in the afternoon, the one under the oven tripped. I dumped that mouse down the toilet reset the trap and washed my hands and as I was drying my hands, the trap went off again. By the end of the day I had flushed ten dead mice down the toilet, and then two more this morning.

I think I need a cat that isn't friends with mice.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

He smiled liked he had a secret

I left after one because even all of my charm wasn't going to brighten her day. I walked passed the historic and that which attracts the tourists and was making my way across the plaza when I noticed him. He gave me a sly smile. He's an easy going guy and he's quick to smile at a friend. Neither of us slowed, and as our paths were about to cross, he said something.

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure," I said but I was thinking it would have to be quick.

"Probably nothing will come of it but I recommended you for that supervisor's job to the vice president."

I smiled a bit, because that was cool. The distance between us had increased to the point to where I had to speak loudly. "Hey thanks and you're right, probably nothing will come of it but at least you got him thinking. Thanks."

I've peaked

Do you know what's at the top of that mountain?

It's snow, so I'll just wait for winter.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

oh, nuts.

I chew jaw breakers; it's just something I do. I haven't broken my jaw yet but I have chipped a tooth or two.

That last sentence is just a bit of whimsy.

Oh, snap. There were cashews there too.

"The guy's an ass so don't let him get to you."

I must have some unknown-to-me nut affliction because people keep giving me nuts as gifts.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

She said "I just do"

Folks talk to me all the time; mostly because I sit in a busy location. I thought it was a little odd that she was standing a bit closer than she had too but I just figured that maybe she thought I was less of a creep than the other guy next to her.

I was surprised when she said "They all seem to know you," because immediately, prior to her standing there, I didn't think, there was any indication that I was known more than anybody else. She looked like she was still in her twenties, she had brown shoulder length hair. She possessed a strong presence of confidence which seemed slightly out of place on her to me but it fit her well. She played in a higher league than me.

When she asked "How much have you had?" I lied and answered that I hadn't had that much. I didn't mean to lie, it as just that I felt fine, I gauged my quantity of drinking with how drunk I felt; I didn't feel drunk so I figured I mustn't have had a lot but then I remembered the two shots of tequila, the margarita, and the beers.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay" she said as she left with her drink.

A little while later she returned but was standing on the other side of my chair.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine?" I said.

"Have you eaten anything today?"


When she wanted to now when I ate last, I started to worry a little. I felt fine, I wasn't drinking quickly, I was pacing myself. I wondered what it was that was causing her a concern. I didn't feel she was being judgmental, she seemed generally concerned for my well being and she was pretty, so I mentioned that it was at about one thirty.

When she said "That's a long time ago," I wanted to argue the point, but it was after six o'clock. I answered with a little shrug. She ordered a water for herself and sipped it a little. "You should really eat something or drink some water," she said. I answered with a nod. She smiled as she placed her water in front of me and walked away.

I sat there worrying more, at what possibly she could be seeing that was causing her concern when another margarita was placed in front of me. It was one of those nights where I could have drank all night long and as long as I didn't drink too quickly, walk a straight line home but I sipped some water anyway.

I was half way through the margarita when she returned. She leaned forward to let me know it was her standing there as she weighed the cup of water she left before she drank from it again while watching me. I assured her that I was sipping from it but she didn't seem too convinced. She placed it back in front of me before she left without a word.

A moment passed and then one of the bartenders passed over a plate of chicken tenders to me. She said something I didn't quite make out but the bartenders never just give me food, they will pick up my lunch tab but they won't just order me food, so I knew it was from my concerned friend.

I further wondered why she cared. I was pretty certain she didn't know me. I was pretty certain she couldn't know me. I don't get out much. I keep the amount of friends I have to a small number. I don't have a lot of information on Myspace. I don't have any local blog readers (other than King, occasionally, and I'm confident he isn't female) and I'm pretty certain that I could recognize distant blog readers that I would know me.

I think she got my attention with a little nudge when she approached again although I don't think she actually touched me. She reached for the cup of water again and took a sip. Her actions where stating to get to me; I don't like being liked for no reason. There were bigger lonelier drunks than me at the bar that could use a guardian, I couldn't figure out way she was bothering with me.

She was still using the straw, still watching me when I asked, "Why do you care?" She said "I just do."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

or is it the bottle opener?

Her ass is kicking ass for images searched for on my blog

bottle opener - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Can I ask you a favor?
Sure as long as it's sexual.

I answered my cellphone while I was in her office. I guessed wrong on the caller but guessed right on the message.

"Who was that?" the Owner asked.

"Little g."

"What was she calling for?"

"To wish me a happy birthday."

"Oh is today your birthday?"


"Happy Birthday."


"So what do you want for your birthday?"

I answered by looking away and keeping quiet.

"I know I shouldn't ask. We have more deals closing at the end of next week--"

"What can you offer?" I asked.

And then it was her turn to be quiet.

it could be worse, it could be four score.

Usually, I can't remember time. I can't remember when things happened; whether it was a week ago or two weeks ago, a month. And the same with years. Recent, not recent or a long time ago - that's about it. But this year I can remember what was happening exactly one year ago.

I was holding out hope. Waiting for those better days to come. I waited until the end of the year, I waited for Spring, I waited for the end of the month a few times, Summer, that big deal to close; I waited for them all.

This is year two. The hope is dingier.

Four tens and a one.
So, the deal is: I'm not very motivated.

So, we're at this fundraiser thing.

Lady G - "When I saw the checks I knew that was his work."

The Owner - "Yeah, he did them last night."

Lady G - "He does his best work under pressure."

The Owner - "You do, you know. That's when your creativity really comes out."

He died of a heart attack. He was a cousin to the Owner.

Lady G - "Did you see your name?" she asked as she pointed at a sheet of paper on the banquet table.

Green Catfish - "No." I scanned the page and didn't see it, so I looked more slowly. It read: 'Real Estate Company'/Green Catfish. "It should be the other way around."

Lady G - "What?"

Green Catfish - "It should be the other way around. It was mostly my stuff I used."

I guess I'm bitter.

There is always a gray area when family or friends of the Owner ask me to do things. I never know if I'm doing a favor for them or the Owner. The only reason I like to know is that it determines who takes the hit for supplies even though lately it's always me.

Before we walked into the event Lady G asked if she was going to be the only chocolate girl there. I thought for a moment and couldn't give a definitive answer so I said "Possibly." She said "That's okay. I just like to psyche myself up before hand."

She was the only other chocolate girl besides the departed's former boss.

We walked around to be seen by the politicians. She likes to be seen. I like the shadows but for her I make my acquaintances known to the general public. I shake hands with the big shots as they greet me by name.

As we were making our way through the crowd she said "There's a lot of eye candy here for you." I said "But I can only see you," and then I heard a laugh to my right. I looked passed Lady G and smiled at the lady privy to our conversation, Lady G said "He's good at saying the right thing."


I overheard her said: I'll be a hundred before you know it.

I think: Aren't you already a hundred.

Yeah, I don't like her much.

I think I may have forgotten to target=external a previous link


All the others have stopped.

I'm the last defender.

I'll stop too eventually.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Your ying usually gets yanged, just like everybody else's so don't complain about it.

I just want to tell him to calm the heck down.

Your Power Bird is a Vulture

You are always changing your life and the lives of those around you.
You aren't afraid to move on from what holds you back.
Energetic and powerful, you have a nearly unlimited capacity for success.
You know how to "go with the flow" and take advantage of what is given to you.


"So, are you ever going to come in now?" her friend asked.

"Sometimes I come in to see you, ya know."

Fade to black

The Sunday seemed a little bit gray despite the fine weather.

I didn't say a word as I passed over the hand packed box of premium chocolates. She placed them on the cooler to her right and slid the ribbon off. I remained quiet when she said "This is my last box of chocolates that you're ever going to buy me." She took one piece out and then closed it.

I got there in time to see the Patriots' game. I really wasn't interested in football, though. She was hanging out at my end of the bar but we didn't talk much to each other. The silence was a little uneasy but actual conversation would have been harder.

When she offered me a chocolate, I took one even though I didn't want one. She lifted the first layer to look at the bottom layer again. I started to name what was what; I had done my best to get the ones with nuts. She smiled at me as she said "Yeah, believe me, I know."

"I'll probably never do a martini as a shot again."

"Yeah, your tolerance is going to go way down."

The day before, another bartender asked me "Am I the only one upset about this?" I was but there was nothing I could do about it. Jen was failing her courses, her future was in the balance and I knew she wasn't enjoying being a bartender anymore.

Two of her friends were there, one a current bartender and one a former. She wouldn't drink but she served up multiple shots of Stoli Peach.

Her shift ended during the Sox game. She pushed some of my tip back at me and said "Here, I didn't do any sexual favors for you." I pushed it back and told her some of it was from the day before. The day before none of my drinks had been rung up, if I had been charged it would have been about forty bucks without the tip.

She cashed out and stood behind us, no one wanting to say goodbye. She said that she would drop in some Friday, every now and again but I knew she wouldn't and then with a half hug, she was gone.


"Nobody was doing anything so I stepped up."

"Well, that's what happens when you step up."

You can't fault people for acting like you're in charge when you've taken charge.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

how novel

She came into my office and told me that her cousin was wondering if we could do large checks to pass out to the scholarship winners, and maybe laminate them. When she was explaining the concept of handing over a large check to the winners, I mentioned that I was familiar with "novelty" checks.

"Oh, is that what you call them."

"Yeah. Well, that's what I've heard them called."

When I told her the largest that I could laminate was eleven by seventeen she asked about printing them on the thirteen by thirty six inch banner paper without laminating them. She also said that she wanted them rigid. I pointed and said we could stick them on foam board.

"We can do that?"

"Yeah. We have glue technology."

I said it remembering where I had a can of spray adhesive but when I tried to spray the back of the checks, the can wouldn't spray. I cursed myself a little for being a smartass and dreaded using some other gluing method but while I was looking for my rubber cement, I found an old can of spray adhesive which had enough in it to glue all three checks.


I was riding in on the train today when I realized that I haven't had consistent quiet time; time where I can hear my thoughts.

And that is why I don't like my posts, or so I think or so I thought at the time. I still think it could be true.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My name is John Hall (it's a Johnny Cash thing)

Angry. That's how I'm doing.

That's not really true, but I would love to say that someday.


I have fantastic typing skills.

That's not true.

that leaves, what? 13 percent.

87% complaints

I would much rather shout at him to join the real world but that has never seemed to work with him so now I just sit quiet. I've sat quiet before but not consistently.

I don't think it will help him but I think me forcing myself to relax or at least to not respond is good for me.

When do you come up with a title for your posts? Mine always come later; all my posts start off untitled, sometimes they stay that way, but other times a title will pop into my head as I type or at the end of reading it over.

"Do write like your reader is a moron." That's paraphrased. Sometimes I notice all these extra words and wonder how stupid do I think people are.

I think it comes from talking to morons all day long.

limes, too

When she called and asked if I was still in the office, I was standing in my kitchen. It was eight thirty and dark out. When I told her where I was, she said that it could wait until morning.

She then asked if I saw the deposits. In hindsight I don't know whether she was concerned about getting money into the bank or just pointing out to me that money was coming in. I'm guessing the latter because she then mentioned that more was coming in and that we could start getting out of our dire straights. She stated that we would succeed. I stated that I had no doubt of success but that I was incapable of seeing it in any current timeline. She then said that we've been going through this for a long time, now. I was just quiet.

I know there is an unseen light at the end of the tunnel.

It not unlike what the sailors of old must have gone through, confident that there is land but stuck with a panoramic view of seemingly endless ocean. And I'm low on lemons.


Peanuts give you bad breathe and you give nothing in return

peanuts - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

"Hey, I have something for you."

"Is it something good?"

"Yes. Because you never get acknowledged for all the good you do, I brought something in for you; just let me get my lunch out of the bag."

I watched her pull an apple, a yogurt and a sandwich made with whole wheat bread from a small tote bag from one of the local stores, and then she handed it to me.

"Here you go. I know you like peanuts. You can put them over with your stash. If I could get that bag back, that would be great."

"Yeah, we're a big fan of nuts over in Engineering. Thanks."

I think this is true

So, there was this rally thing; I was rather disinterested.

There was this guy walking across the plaza holding his home made sign with a pride. His signs read: Don't stop believing. The home town team just won the AL East Division, after leading since the all star break* who all of a sudden was starting to doubt?

*I think this is true. I'm not big on stats and stuff.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You would think that I was drunk...

I know there is a post or two on the flash drive but I don't feel like digging it/them out.

I don't even feel like posting this.

I had a hard time spelling "monitoring well" today; I had to ask the client.

I was too uncaring to figure it out.

There was a rally on the plaza. I took two photos and left.

My days pass a hole lot quicker when I'm actually working.

Walking home I tripped in a whole.

Donut whole. I can eat three without any problems; then the guilt kicks in. I don't know how many donut holes I can eat, probably more than the weight of three whole donuts.

Half a lot quicker - that's doesn't read as stupid as I thought it would.

Sometimes, I'll leave the skin on when I'm making mashed potatoes.

Tomorrow is a new day, if you get to sleep between now and then.

I think he's worried that I do a much better job at his job than he does.

This posts irritates me.

Twenty seven thousand dollars is just a drop in the bucket right now.

I apologize.