Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last scene

When I got to the place in  the article that named the bar, my heart sank a little.

Someone, had left their hotel room at 2am on Saturday and never returned. Prior to that, he had some drinks at an area bar. The first conclusion jumped to was that the guy was drunk and fell into the harbor.

That Monday afternoon I was taking to the bartender that served him. I found out that his group were drinking SoCo and Limes and beers and she didn't think that any of them were over served. She cashed them out at 10:30PM.

Later that day there was a candle light vigil.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been keeping away from his crasy but sometimes I feel obligated

How often have I said that I’m not there like I used to be?

I think it’s been at least a few times and every time it’s been true.

She set the case of Patron in front of me on the dishwasher and said to the manager “Can’t we give Timmy a bottle for being such a great customer?” I didn’t get a bottle but one of the other guys asked why they didn’t rate a bottle.

“Timmy, like Patron,” was the simple answer.

I was there because I was told that a coworker had stormed out of the office and had said that he was going drinking. He’s his own worst enemy so I went to check on him. He was calmed down when I saw him. I tried to explain that he should be more careful, that he doesn’t have far to go until retirement and that he should just bide his time. I also told him that when a boss tells you to do something that you don’t agree with, just tell him your opinion and if he still wants it done, then ask him to put it in writing and if he does then just do it.

The ball-less wonders often will not put it in writing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blood is sticky

I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve, directly in the place where I sometimes wipe my nose.

I wanted a bigger bang

I called her cellphone when I didn't see her car at her place of work. I was a little bit disappointed that she was ruining my plans on Valentine's Day.

"Hey, where you at?" is how I replied to her "Hello."

"I'm at home but I'm supposed to be in Dallas. Are you outside my work?"

"Yeah and now me bringing you cupcakes is going to be less spectacular."

I'm told that sometimes people with autism have trouble with depth perception

I had to check to see what that last post was.

I sort of have this "don't erase" rule, you know that rule that when you post something then you cannot delete it. I've been true to that rule pretty faithfully mostly because there are a lot of things that never got posted.

I think I'm at that point where I tired of waiting for things to go my way.

That statement hints that I'm an arrogant but lucky bastard (no offense to my mom and dad).

All of my life I have relied on my patience for things to turn around. I've outlasted a lot of things but lately, it's taking too long; I'm wasting too much time waiting for things to change. I have to change.

A coworker had to pull the plug on his brother last week. The week prior, his brother was hit by a truck. The truck was driven by a friend of the brother.

The brother's skull was crushed on the right side and both lungs were collapsed; there was liver damage too.

The hospital was able to keep the body going but the mind was gone.

I hitched a ride to the wake with some friends.

We walked into a too large room.

Across the way stood my co-worker, his wife and her sister and to their right seemed to be miles of wall to wall carpet; and then chairs.

The brother was autistic.

I'm told that sometimes people with autism have trouble with depth perception.