Friday, June 22, 2012

Keep an eye on your old folks

My desire was to just get home and do some laundry; staying late and working weekends were starting to take a toll.

At the trolley station an old woman was having trouble getting through the turnstile and what looked to be her adult children were already on the other side. The old lady seemed a little panicy and confused. Her problem was simple though, there was not enough credit on the pass she was using but her family didn't seem to be offering any help.

I was only there a moment and in the moment she failed to get the gates opened twice and she tossed her hands up.

I have a monthly pass which pretty much lets me ride and local train, bus or trolley but I cannot use it at the same station after a fifteen minute wait.

I told the lady that I would get her in and pressed my pass to the sensor on the turnstile an dit opened but she didn't step through, she was still confused so I gave her a little push and told her to hurry.

I wondered whose idea it was to leave this confused lady on the outside of the station while they went through first.

I then turned and left the station and walked to the next closest.

Keep an eye on your old folks.