Sunday, June 28, 2009

There is Mexico and then there is Mexico

“That’ll cause a commotion,” is what she said when we were walking away.

I didn’t know what she was talking about. We had just got off the shuttle bus at the airport and she talked to some of her co-workers, that she has only ever talk to over the phone. It seemed like normal network building chatter. Prior to that, the reason we were at the airport was because we were seeing her daughter off to Mexico. We were part of a group of parents and family members also seeing off about six loved ones, south to Oaxaca.

I just remained quite as I was trying to figure out what the heck was going to cause a commotion then she added. “They’ll be asking: Is she married to a white dude?”


One of the teacher going on the trip asked if I had ever been to Mexico. I said, "Well, Cancun," and finished with a shrug. "Yes, I guess that really isn't Mexico," responded.

Monday, June 22, 2009

For colon lover's eyes only.

I'm probably clinically depressed but I mostly feel just unmotivated. I think I need: a kick in the ass.

My plan was to: stuff the chicken breasts, and then set a toilet. But after cutting the rib cages out of ten chicken breasts and stuffing them which included tying them; I felt like doing nothing.

I somehow ended up blowing bubbles in the front yard with my nieces and then I grabbed my camera.

A picture's worth a thousand words or so they say; but as the internet has proven: you can have a thousand words and not have a story. You can have ten hundred words and still not tell a tale.

I was sitting here, avoiding work around the house and remembered that I had taken some photos; even with an LCD screen, you still don't know what you've got until you download them. Looking at what I had I thought: "I can post some of these," but then I thought: "Who cares about my nieces?" I asked myself: "Would I look at these if they weren't blood?"

Yeah, I would. Especially the last one.


In the front lawn I have a Japanese Maple tree. They tend to grow into a bush-like shape and I like to prune it into a tree-like shape. It's about four and a half feet tall at its highest. It is kind of cool being under it.


For years, I've used the mulching feature on my mowers when cutting the lawn, mostly so I wouldn't have to rake or deal with the trimmings but lately, since I have a compost bin, I've been using the bagging feature and keeping the grass taller. Tall grass is better for playing in.


For the city; it's a large front lawn


I think, posing often looks unnatural and that's why I don't ask people to pose but sometimes they just pose all on their own and I feel obligated to snap a shot.


Not posed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'll start to think about posting and then I'll think about all the other things that I should be doing besides posting

I think a lot of things in life can be overcome simply by hanging on and outlasting whatever it is. I do believe that more often or not that this too shall pass. But there are those things which you have to more than just wait it out; there are those things I which you have to fight against, there are those things that you must conquer.

That’s where I am.

I can no longer just breeze by waiting until my dilemma is something that can be seen in the rearview mirror.

So, that’s where some of my energy and effort has been. It’s been there and not here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's quiet

My TV has no picture anymore. It sort of flickered then sputtered and then died. There was a flash of green at the end.

It was about eleven years old is my guess.


The article suggested that the villagers stock up on tiger urine to keep the elephants away.

I would rather take my chances with a killer elephant than trying to obtain tiger urine.


I'm brining a chicken.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

x-ray eyes

I had been stopped for maybe a minute and a half; I had pulled over to write some notes, when someone knocked on my passenger side window. My government car is marked so I get a lot of questions and a lot of complaints. The lady told me two statements and at first I didn’t reply because I had nothing to add but the silence got awkward so I said, as friendly as I could, “And?” to which she told me her concern; and then interrupting herself she said, “You have wonderful eyes. They look like you can see right through me. Can you see right through me?”

I looked her in the eyes trying to at least see her to her soul but my sight seemed to stop right at the surface of her dark brown eyes. I replied that I couldn’t see through her and I added that I wasn’t in her neighborhood for the reason that caused her concern.

I found her statement surprising because I frequently feel that my eyes have worked just opposite of her impression.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I was mostly just wasting time. I wasn't really being a creep.

From my kitchen window to the tennis courts across the street is a distance of about 200 feet. I couldn’t see the young brunette as well as I liked, so I grabbed my camera aimed it across the street as I lightly pressed the shutter button which caused the 75-300mm auto focus lens to turn into focus onto the chain-link fence.

I thought, “Hmmm” because I hadn’t turned the camera on which I thought was an odd revelation because why would I try to get the camera to auto focus when at some level I knew that I hadn’t turned the camera on? It seemed that I was expecting the camera to do nothing and I was surprised when it actually did something. I then tried to remember when it was that I last used the digital SLR and had obviously left the thing on.

It was a least two months prior.

I don’t think the tennis player was the regular that I had thought she might have been.

Foreign Films

I wonder where the cultural divides are that cause someone to say: Oye, Oh or Aye, when they are being drilled up the ass.

Strangely, to me anyway, is that I kind of miss the writing

Strangely, to me anyway.

Things haven’t been just falling into place. I’ve actually have had to nudge things into place and sometimes I have had to actually make an effort to be successful.

It has been sometimes not dissimilar to work.

Everything seems to be an effort lately.

They were walking side by side down the stairway not leaving any room for someone to walk up the stairs. He was a well dressed white guy in his late twenties. She was an attractive Asian woman of the same age. They were kind of close to the last step so I stood flat footed on the right side at the bottom. I felt that they guy heading towards me should realize that this particular staircase, in this particular subway station wasn’t for his sole use. But to his arrogant, poppas credit, he didn’t give me space. And to my self-righteous, city-punk credit, I shoulder checked him a bit which cause him to change direction.

I thought of all the snide things that I could have said but nothing productive would have come from a verbal exchange, so I just ascended the stairs.

I still don’t feel the need to post but then I’m not certain that I ever did. I wonder why I have posted so many times for so many years. I think I might find a partial answer in my archives but I have no desire to read them.

Lately, I have so little desire.

There is still a good bit of lust though.

Actually, that’s not true; the lust is waning as well.