Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey is for horses

I was on the phone when my first cube visitor arrived and I was still on the phone when that first visitor was joined by a second visitor.

The cube across from mine is unoccupied so they were hanging out there.

I was explaining to the guy on the other end of the phone that we still have to plan for all scenarios and we have to do it three days in advance so there will be times when we will do things and then have to undo those things and sometimes twice over. "It's all in the memo," I kept saying; and it was, it was a very fine memo and it took me awhile to compose it. It was not dissimilar to writing computer code with a lot of "if-then" loops, planning for Game 5 when it was only Game 2.

When I hung up my phone, I said, "Listen just because you want a parade and you want a tree lighting doesn't mean the world stops."

The world was actually going like gangbusters.

Today was more of the same, only I was shorted a few hours because I had to do someone else's job while still doing my own.

Sometimes, the newbie (who has been around for two years) will tell me to take a deep breathe and I say, "Fuck you newbie! Breathing is for the weak."

I got five minutes to work on the latest problem that was going to needs signs. I had arranged it so someone would come and get the signs, all I had to do was make them up. Easy Peasy. I printed the stickers and peeled them from their backing and carefully placed them over the cardboard sign and I read what I had typed. At the bottom was:

"Hey Ride Event"

It was too funny not to show to my coworkers and one acted out a scene were folks are riding around saying, "Hey."