Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey, Timmy.

I'm leaving this note here because you asked me to, you wanted to make note of the Patron story that you told Kim.

I think the story is rather uneventful but at the time you thought it might be something you wanted to write.


I got a fax yesterday addressed to Timmy Catfish and then she called me today and asked if she was speaking to Timmy.

Well, kind of. I'm the person referred to as Timmy and I don't mind being called Timmy by those who know me but to strangers I like to be called Sir Timothy.

Or Tim.



Tony is in his eighties and Tony is a class act and Tony is a regular at the bar and I've never Tony even close to drunk and I've never seen Tony eat at the free buffet during happy hour.

I've eaten at the free buffet. The food is the same as if you ordered it off of the menu only in a larger quantity so the quality suffer slightly but it is free. Anyway, I've never seen Tony eat from the free buffet. I've seen him grab napkins but nothing from the buffet; until today and that worried me a little.

There is a group of guys that come in for the free buffet and they are known as the dinner crew. They chew and then they screw so I know some people are there for the food but seeing Tony grab a plate made me think that maybe his fixed income isn't working out for him.

Tony has no wife, he has no children. Tony is a veteran of World War II.

I need to keep an eye on Tony.

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