Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's my life and mostly I like it fine

She called at about 10:30am and asked if I wanted to go get ice cream. I really didn't give a care about getting ice cream but I did want to be with her so I said, "Sure." She then said that she would have to get out of bed which was somewhat of a relief to me because I thought it was too earlier for ice cream.

She called me back at about 3:00pm and we set a time for 6:00pm to meet. And by we I mean she.

She was reading something in her Saab convertible when I pulled into her parking lot at six on the dot. I let her see me before I opened the passenger side door and sat down.

We drove about eight blocks and watched some guy take a metered parking spot that would have served us grandly; we waited a bit to see if something else would turn up. Nothing turned up, so she backed up a bit and then cut across three lanes of traffic and parked in a spot reserved for the consulate. She told me to wait as she jumped out of the car and into Ben & Jerry’s.

I pulled out my iPod Touch and checked my email, thanks to the free wifi being broadcast from the Four Seasons Hotel. There was nothing in my email worth checking.

She came out and said that she wanted the Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt, in a cup but with a cone as well. I got a cup of Cherry Garcia, with no cone. She drove us back to her house.

We were talking about me and whether or not I would want kids; she was saying that kids are a bunch of work; I was saying that I didn’t think I would mind but I’m getting kind of old for starting a family. To change the subject I pointed out that her daughter had just left her third floor apartment and was coming down the stairs.

She rolled down my window and shouted her daughter’s name. When Little g approached she smiled and said “Well, hello Timothy.”

She always calls me Timothy and I think that’s kind of cool.

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