Wednesday, March 25, 2009

According to Word, this post (minus the title) is 337 words

Sometimes, I’ll sit to write and will actually write but then I'll erase it all because it all just seems to be just talking. Some say, “Never erase” and I sort of agree with that but usually people erase because they have feared that they have shared too much. I erase because I think that whole thing is rather boring and doesn’t tell a story and is rather pointless and I feel that it would be a waste of time for a reader to read it.

I’ve read that nobody wants to read what you had for lunch when they are reading your blog but there are times when I would not mind reading what someone had for lunch. What a person has for lunch is a little peak into who they are, or it can be from time to time.

But then, I wonder about stuff like: if Superman has to launder his Super Suit. I know he must have to do regular laundry, how do you fit laundry into your schedule of saving the world? Does he have a laundry service? A laundry service doesn’t seem to fit into his farm boy upbringing. So sometimes I'm interested in the everyday stuff is what I'm trying to say.

I had blackened chicken pasta for lunch yesterday. It wasn’t as tasty as I remember it but then the cook that was on that day was not the best cook they have.

I want to get one of those books entitled “How to Blog,” not to improve my blogging skills but just to see how much I would disagree with the author. I know of such books because the bookstore keeps them in the section that has books about authoring web pages (HTML, Dreamweaver and the like).

I haven’t worked up enough courage to walk through the check out with it. I worry that others will think that I am trying to learn how to blog.

This post is getting too long so I will end it here.

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