Saturday, March 07, 2009

And that one person probably changes from time to time

There is only one person in the whole world who truly has it the worst and that one person probably isn’t complaining all that much.

I wonder how that would be figured out: who has it worst, because I would discount self-inflicted calamities.

I’ll tell you who doesn’t have it good and that’s the lady that got mauled by that chimp.

no hands, no eyelids, no some other things.

It bothers me that a chimpanzee did it more than if it was some industrial accident or even if a bear or a mountain lion mauled her; and I don’t know why.


My union is most likely going to approve a wage free. The deal is that no one from my union will be laid off if we put off a previously negotiated raise. There are some other things involved. I think it’s a good deal.


access is spotty

i found my pda


i listened as he stood up. I thought something profound was about to be shared, mostly because he had just said 'it's like how that guy summed it up so perfectly'

what followed was, 'when starbucks comes to town, you get your shit together'

i wondered, 'WTF?'


I found this old note on it

he worked the kiosk that sold the magic tricks, i was looking for chattering teeth he said, with a Russian accent that he had whatever i wanted. i thought about asking if he had a liver, blood type o, but i was afraid that he would say yes.

And these:

She was all business with the caesar salad and the business was of a violent nature

Eight years old baby sitting old people

There was an asian on his cell phone like he was explaining why the hit didn't go down

They ordered their lattes and then proceeded to stand in the way.

On april ninth i wrote after so many years working on the climb i was uneasy at the summit. I was just checking old notes when i found it. It didn't make it to the blog

i look to the right and see losers
I look to the left and see posers
the posers are like me
but most likely a loser you see

us posers look down on the losers

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