Monday, March 07, 2011

It's April 2nd

I was trying to start fresh and doing today what I would normally put off until tomorrow but I seemed to have lost momentum at about 12:30PM so I decided to go to lunch. I was working on  a destination , walking with my head a little down as I zippered up my coat and I just about smashed into my supervisor.

Only he wasn't my supervisor any more, he wasn't even my supervisor when he retired, he was just technically a higher grade co-worker but no matter what his title, he was always my friend.

For a moment it seemed just like before but then a moment later, I remembered that seeing him in the hallway should be an odd thing because he had been retired for two and a half months.

We chatted in the hallway and then I followed him to the office. We never really got to say goodbye because he got sick on his last official day and left early, he was sick in bed for the nest two weeks, from a closure point of view it kind of sucked. He sort of mentioned it while we were talking but at the time I knew that I would see him some day. I just didn't expect it to be this day.

I waited around for him to catch up with folks and for folks to fill him in on things the last person he spoke to was his former boss and they talked a little and then the boss said, "You've been gone three months and you know more about what's happening than I do." (That's because you are an angry angry man and no one likes talking to you)

We went for lunch and then back to my office and he hung around until it was time for me to leave so we walked down the street like we had done so many times in the past fifteen years and had some beers and free appetizers.

It was good to see him. He's no longer crazy with stress. I let him know when the next card game was scheduled for and he said that he would work his vacations around it.

It's April 2nd.

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Melissa said...

I'm glad things are better for him and I'm glad the two of you had a few beers.

I'm also glad that April 2nd is happening. It will be good for both of you.