Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Night And Day

We were outside the rear entrance of the Museum of Fine Arts because that’s the exit they had chosen to throw us out of; Melissa was rubbing the spot on her ass that hit the pavement, as I shivered a little from the contrast of the warm museum to the bitter cold where we now found ourselves, when she noticed the Night part of Night And Day.

She mentioned that she knew about this piece of art as she readied her camera.

I looked to the left, on the other side of the large stone stairway to check that Day was still there and then pointed it out to Melissa.

“You expect me to walk way over there? In this cold?”


Icy stare from Melissa.

“I guess not. It was stupid to mention it.”

I haven’t studied the piece of art nor have I even read anything about it (yet but I think there is a link somewhere close) but the only difference that I could see was that one baby head had its eyes open while the other giant baby head did not. In other words there was not a day and night difference between them.

She did let me hold her hand as we walked around to the front of the museum to catch a trolley but I think that was because she wasn’t wearing gloves.

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Melissa said...

Now I remember why I didn't get a picture of Day! Yes, it was a bit chilly.

You can hold my hand anytime you want to, btw.