Thursday, March 03, 2011

Asparagus and Geese

I talk about my bartenders from time to time because often it is just my bartenders that I’m talking to, so she knows about Amanda.

Amanda is a very sweet person.

The first time we were at that bar together we ordered the barbeque chicken which usually comes with a side of asparagus but on our particular day they were out of that vegetable. Amanda came over to us and pouted a little as she was breaking the news to us only she said aspara-goose, which was cute and funny.

By the hotel we were staying was an area of grass where two geese seemed to like to hang out and most often than not Melissa would mention the geese. Once I said, “I beat you already have names for them.” She said, “Yes, I do: Aspara-Goose One and Aspara-Goose Two.”

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Melissa said...

The aspara-gooses were cute!