Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am not here like I used to be. The infrequent things that I do, I can do from home - mostly. There are some paychecks that I still have to print in the office, well I don't have to print them here but here is where the checks are and there is no advantage to printing them at home and then driving them in.

I was waiting yesterday for a call that never came. I know about the deadlines that people are trying to keep so even without a phone call, I'm here at the office because things need to get done.

So, I wait.

Her photos did not come out too good so she wants them redone. She asked if I wanted to retake them. I said, "I'll loose my parking space," which means that I don't want to retake them.

I actually do want to retake them because then at least the photos will suck by my own hand and I will not wonder if better photos could have been taken but it was her responsibility to get the photos. I would like her to get the photos. I don't think that is too much to ask.

So, I wait.

I'm not actually waiting, I'm goofing off on the internet and I could be starting the layout and other things which I will do right now.


Melissa said...

You know what I think without me even saying it, don't you?

Timothy said...

I can guess