Saturday, October 10, 2009

But I never picture myself scratching my balls

I remember I was scratching my head wondering about something. I remember I told myself to “Remember to check that out.”

Only I wasn’t really scratching my head, it just seemed that way while it replayed in my mind. Sometimes, I remember myself smoking only I don’t smoke. I guess it’s the influence that movies and television has had on me; when people think on TV, they scratch their head; when people are contemplating things in the movies, they smoke.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to check out was: when I’m due a raise. I know I took over my new responsibilities on April Fool’s Day 2008 but I didn’t get the title or the pay until some time later. I had to check to see what that later day was, I remember that it was late enough to get me a little angry about it, but I was able to keep my patience.

That later day was the end of October, and I’m told that the way the pay system works, my raise should take place on the first Saturday of the anniversary month; which will be in this Friday’s paycheck.

It’s three percent.

I was thinking that neither I, the world, nor anybody could inflict enough pain onto those teenagers to make them rightfully pay for the crime of murder that they had randomly committed.

I asked myself if I would be as angry if the victim was a crack whore as opposed to a 42 year old mother minding her own business, merely sleeping in her own bed.

I didn’t answer the question because all lives are supposed to be equal.

I then asked myself if the lives of the perpetrators where as valuable as the life of the victim.

I didn’t answer that question either but I did conclude that not all lives are equal.

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