Monday, December 21, 2009

If you have a television set then...

If you have a television set then you probably already know that it has snowed in the East.

Or if you have a TV and don't watch it here's a photo.

It's not a good photograph but I know a lot of my fans like to see snow and you at least can see snow in the picture. (a lot percentage-wise)

Anyway, as the snow storm was winding down a female cardinal perched herself onto the bracket of a bird feeder that I haven't filled for over a year and a half as she looked at the empty bird feeder by my window that I haven't filled since Spring.

I sort of stopped filling the bird feeder because the bird seed that I get always seems to come with weevils or some other sort of bug in it and these bugs like to get into my dry pasta and flour if left unchecked so I stopped buying bird seed.

She flew away and a male cardinal perched on the feeder by the window as a sparrow was waiting on some tall weeds poking through the deep snow. I felt guilty. I felt I was letting these little fellows down, they knew that sometimes there is food in these feeders and now, in a time of need, there was none. But the snow was deep and the roadways were treacherous what was I expected to do?

So, I flipped the little birds off and told them to go screw themselves.

That's not actually true. The snow was deep and the roadways were a little bit troublesome but I was able to get around just fine and I did have to pick up some paperwork so on the way back I picked up some bird seed and I filled the feeder by the window before the sun came up the next day and as I was typing this post, the cardinals flew by but they didn't stop at the feeder so I flipped them off and told them to go screw themselves.


vox theory said...

HELL YES A SNOW PIC!!!! Got more?

Sent you a Christmas card, look for it.

If a cardinal flies by and gives you the finger you have no one to blame but yourself for teaching them bad habits.

Green Catfish said...

I got the card! Thanks, it came on the very day that I read this comment which was Monday and I must have been really busy because I'm just responding now.

There was some kind of woodpecker at the feeder today and all my snow is still the old snow.

I think the cardinals are sending me a message that they don't need my charity; those arrogant pricks!

Merry Christmas.