Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've been busy

I've been busy and when I get busy I usually get quiet. I get quiet because I'm a bit from the old school. I get quiet because most likely my communications devolve to complaining. I know I've complained here before and often but that was at my leisure. I will not make time to complain. I will suck it up, Buttercup.

A lot of things have been finding there way to me: a lot of things that aren't really in my job description but those things presently are not in anybody's job description so folks come to me.

Folks come to me because I will usually have an answer.

I always try to be helpful in part because folks are usually helpful to me. I will always try to be helpful even though I sometimes only really have time to get my own things done. There are times when I wish to politely tell people to fuck off because I am super busy but that is contrary to my greater than mere mortal image so I overcome. But all that forced politeness takes it toll, it takes a lot of energy and when there is a lack of energy I get quiet.

So, I've been seeing a bunch of parades.

I'm not much of a parade person but I know someone who is, so I take photos of the parades, some of the shots are standard run of the mill parade shots but some of them are not. I've always been interested in other people's reactions to things, rather than my own reaction, mostly because my own reactions are rather subdued. Similar to when I go to Fenway Park. Fenway Park is great for watching baseball but watching baseball isn't always great. I will often watch the people more than I will watch the game, mostly because a lot of the game is boring and it is very easy to look everywhere but the field of play and still not miss anything important if you just glance back onto the field when folks are throwing, fielding or swinging, there are so very few times in a baseball game when something can actually happen and parades are even more uneventful sometimes, and often have fewer surprises.


Melissa said...

There should be a parade every week for something, but only if I get to attend.

Melissa said...

PS People watching is fun.

Timothy said...

If we had a parade every week then it would cause problem with all the runs and walks and festivals

Melissa said...

The running, walking, festive people could run/walk to the parades and be festive there.

See, I solved yet another problem for the city of Boston!