Thursday, May 21, 2009

No cats or raccoons?

He was like bugging me on it.

I was like, "Dude" but I went and as I predicted three days stuck in a training seminar backed up my workload. My workload nowadays has deadline that fall within days, even sometimes minutes, as opposed to weeks. My deadlines used to be to get things done before "the season was over," but now, like earlier today, I had fifteen minutes to get the thing off my desk and that's with the phone ringing and people shouting questions at me.

Yelling over a cubicle is a pet peeve of mine. But that's what happens when you're the go to guy and everyone has an emergency.

And as I was faxing the thing away, I got a call requesting a change in the order.

Such is life. I'm sure most people have survived through stuff not dissimilar.

I knew he was on his way out. I knew there wouldn't be too many more photo opportunities.
I was inside the full panel glass double doors as he was sitting in a sled. The sled gathers rain water which he always seemed to enjoy. I knew if I stepped outside that he would come to visit me and ruin the shot I wanted.

I think he was ready to go. Surprisingly he caught two rather large mice the day before and he's never been much of a mouser.

Two weeks later, as I was walking up the drive, not being greeted by the household cat, I thought about how long he had been around. I thought, "He came from the old house". I thought, "He knew my father".

And then I thought about how people fade from memory, fade from history, like they never existed.

I sometimes feel like I'm exploiting situations with my camera.

I forget the name of the show I was watching and I forget the name of the guy who said, "Taking a photo is sending that precise moment into the future," which I thought was interesting because I always think of photography as the past.

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