Sunday, July 25, 2010

MMmmm, Toasty

At my twenty-fifth high school reunion there were a lot of shaved heads, the easiest remedy for baldness.

I still have most of my golden locks only they are not golden.

I wouldn't say that I dislike my job but when I'm on vacation I'm reminded about how much I enjoy not having to do it.

We started having people over even though the house is still mostly in the remodeling phase. The embarrassment of living in a house in the state it currently is in motivates us to finish some of the remodeling.

We had two cookouts in under a week. The first cook-out was a little difficult to pull off with just my Weber gas grill so before the second cook-out, I bought a Weber charcoal grill. I've never grilled with charcoal before but what I did know was that I was going to grill using lump charcoal and I was going to start the charcoal with a chimney starter because that's what people who know how to grill on charcoal do it.

I can crank the gas grill up to seven hundred degrees when the lid is closed. The charcoal grill seems to get even hotter than that.

I'm learning.

Both times, I toasted the rolls, but just the inside and I brushed melted butter on them first. I got the idea of toasting just the inside of the roll from 'wichcraft, a cookbook by Tom Colicchio. Both groups of people nearly marveled over the toasted rolls and commented how they would always have their rolls toasted from that point on.

People, it was just a toasted roll.

I want to put a pizza stone on the grill and make pizzas. I think a commercial pizza oven is usually set to 700 degrees. My oven tops out at 525 degrees. I think with the grill, I can get closer to the 700.

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