Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything & Anything

I left for the field because I was a little behind in my field work. I get behind in my field work because it really isn't my job anymore and also I cannot seem to get any chances to get away from my desk. But I made my escape today because someone ratted me out to the boss. The boss will most likely cut me a break but I needed to get those things done.

I received a phone call from a coworker that someone had dropped by to get some paperwork. I told the guy that no paperwork exists because I haven't received any paperwork on it; an hour an a half later I received another phone call from the same coworker saying that the same lady was by again looking for the paperwork.

Dude! I haven't been back to the office yet. How could there be any paperwork?

And stop calling me. Take a damn message. People need to stop thinking that they can just walk in from the street and get everything and anything they want.

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