Wednesday, September 28, 2011


October 10, 2011 is that date that I am nearly caught up to which is about where I like to be so I feel better about my situation.

For clarity and convenience I rearranged my desk but now my typing orientation is slightly off so I need to adjust but I guess that is just a part of life sometimes.


The emial had the name of a fundraising event scheduled for October 1st. The email was from the big boss so I got a little frustrated because I was pretty sick and tired of getting things at the last minute, I was not looking forward to rushing all the paperwork through but then I actualy read the email.

He is participating in a fundraiser and he was asking for donations. Asking for donations from your subordinates is not too cool but they guy isn't trying to throw his weight around he is just trying to raise money for a cause; I would ask him if I needed sponsors so I don't hold it against him for asking but I know some people will.

I gave the minimum donation and he thanked me by emial the next morning and I told him that I had first thought that I was going to have to do a bunch of short notice paperwork but that once I read the request and all I had to do was to give a couple bucks that I was relieved.

He said that he LOL.

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