Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It is past midnight and I should be trying to sleep. Sleep is important. Sleep can help prevent death.

If I were a better blogger, I would add a link to that previous sentence pointing to some article siteing some medical study on the importance of sleep but I have never even claimed to be good blogger or even any kind of blogger at all.

Sleep is important; I know this and I have been trying to be more respectful of that but sometimes it gets in the way which is sometimes why I will wash dishes at two in the morning.


Sometimes, I will watch people in meetings and wonder if their job has made them crazy or if they were crazy to begin with. I will ask myself if his job has caused those nervous ticks or if he came with them. I will then wonder how much damage my job is doing to my own sanity.


In the scheme of things, her office is pretty high up there and she runs her office. I deal with her only occasionally.

She confides secret things in me and I wonder why. The secret things are not of a personal nature and the secrets are safely trusted to me but often they are things that I do not need to know.

Secrets have weight and secrets have substance.

I can tell you a secret and it will weigh less on me. You can hear a secret and it can weigh less on the person that told you the secret but it can also now weigh on you, it might even increase in weight if you add up what it weighs on the teller and the hearer, but you can also hear a secret which will weigh less on the teller and really have no weight on the hearer, so the secret actually loses weight. It all depends on your relationship to the secret.

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