Thursday, February 02, 2012



I am still here.

Just mostly quiet in the corner.

Things are busy so some aspects of my life have slowed down or have been put on hold.

Most of what I write are about observations and interactions. I am still observing and I am somewhat still interacting but it's different lately. I feel more removed.

There are two kittens in the house now and how many pictures of kittens have you seen in this space and what is as photogenic as a kitten?

I can tell you how many pictures you have missed; five, maybe six. That is all that exists from any of my lenses.

I just had trouble spelling lenses.

I read a long post from far away. I expected that it was going to take longer to read so I didn't bring other things to do at lunch so here I am drinking a black ice tea and typing.

The black ice tea, unsweetened, was obtained from Starbucks. My order was: grande black ice tea, unsweetened and with no water. I had learned the previous day, that you can order your ice tea without any added water. I had always noticed that they diluted their ice tea. I had assumed that they brew it extra strong so that they can add water to it so they do not have to keep brewing it through out the day.

The previous day a manager handed over my ice tea and said that it was without added water and we talked and I found out that you can get it without added water. It is extra strong but it you sip from it the ice will dilute it somewhat.

Or get it without extra water and then make yourself another cup of ice tea by dividing it with a cup of your own water.

Exciting stuff, huh?

Work has been stressful. I do not like having responsibilities that I do not have any authority over other then the big boss saying in a meeting that this is "your show" when everyone around the table has large titles and larger paychecks. I am not sure that I would listen to me if I were them but I consider them all somewhat friends so they make considerations for me.

It also helps that I usually know what I am doing.

I have decided to lose some weight mostly because some of my pants do not fit but also because I want to lose the weight. I am keeping mind of my calories.

I need new brown shoes. I wear a size ten.

I keep on trying to improve on basic beef stew but I usually fail. My best version adds browned potatoes finely diced which disappear into the broth to flavor and thicken it but it takes a fortune's worth of time to brown potatoes.

Adding bacon ruins both the stew and the bacon.

Stew is usually better the next day, just like chili.

I am trying to read more and it helps when the author has not written a boring story.

The new bartender will look you in the eye as if she is smitten with you. Well she does if you are me, I haven't really notice her do it to other people. It makes me uneasy.

There is no Little Italy in the City of Boston; it's the North End but those from out of town will say Little Italy because the North End has no meaning to them.


King said...

Hey Tim. The group I'm working with bringing a tax conference to boston in Sept/Oct wants to have a "fun run" on the Esplanade. We heard that the City isn't allowing any permits for "races" along the river. I don't suppose you have any influence in that regard? DCR?

Go Pats!!

Timothy said...

King please send me an email to and I will tell you what I know. I do not want to say too much out in the open.

Or you can use my personal email if you have it or you can get it from someone

King said...

Will do. Thanx