Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My attention was drawn to him because he attached the styrofoam container being placed into the trash barrel.

He looked like he was in his mid thirties. He blonde shoulder length hair was unkempt but his short beard seemed trimmed rather neatly. His clothes looked clean but that maybe he had them on the previous day as well.

He not only grabbed for the container that was being thrown away but also one that had been thrown away and one whose owner wanted to throw it away. The group of three seemed a little perplexed but he didn't seem to care are he set the containers down to consoladate the contents.

I couldn't see into the containers but he threw them all away after a brief moment and went back to surveying the area.

He move rather quickly as see noticed possible means.

I was there eating a rather portion of chili that certainly did not match the seven dollar price tag. I had been busy all day and it wasn't until after three o'clock that I could leave.

I thought about giving the guy money but I have learned to wait on some of my impulses. I kept the small bag of oyster cracker closed.

As I was finishing my chili, I noticed a lady approach him. She stood directly in front of him and looked him in the eye as she spoke. She then followed him to the south end of the food court.

I was curious as to what the guy would have chosen for a meal so I followed them. The stopped at a place that sells six dollar slices of pizza.

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