Monday, August 10, 2009

after all it was just a friendly game of cards

So, I brought homemade calzones and two loaves of ciabatta bread to the poker game. I brought the bread because usually someone brings something that you can make a sandwich with and if you can make a sandwich with homemade bread then it's that much all the better.

So, the host ends up grilling some sausages and he sticks them all in rolls. I thought it was stupid but I really didn't care because I would eat the bread all by its lonesome if it came to that, but the dude takes a bite and then complains about the roll. I said, "Too bad there aren't two loaves of homemade bread around."

So, all the rolls end up in the trash and everyone one of us was eating sausage sandwiches and one guy said, "Timmy, this bread is great!" And I said, "Yeah. Thanks." And he said, "No. I mean it's good. I could eat this bread with just some red sauce." And I said, "Yeah, I know." And he said, "No. I could take some of this bread home by itself and just eat it with dipping it in some nice red sauce."

I was silent after that.

There is not much that I do that is out of the ordinary, save baking an awesome loaf of ciabatta bread. I know it's good because I can and have eaten a whole loaf of it within hours after baking it.

And I don't bake bread to hear people congratulate me on it. I bake bread because I love good bread and most people I know love good bread so I enjoy sharing good bread with others. If I could buy bread as good I would buy it and bring that but for now I'm stuck with baking it.

I lost forty bucks and over the course of nine and a half hours, had five Coronas and two of those were in the first twenty minutes of getting there.

And the bread dude kept on leaving his cards just sitting in front of him, instead of moving them towards the next dealer. And this one time when he was getting ready to deal, and some cards were left in the middle of the table, he said, "A little help here, guys."

I said, "Get off your fucking ass and reach them yourself. You've been leaving the cards in front of you all fucking night, making everyone else reach for them. You fucking worthless piece of navel lint. And now you want some help? Fuck you."

I didn't say it out loud, I said it to myself, because after all: it was just a friendly game of cards. If I had known the guy better though...

My friends get the worst of me.

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