Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I just scrolled down...

and thought, "Fuck, that's a lot of cleavage."

I hope nobody reads this site in work.

I mean, that's out of the normal for me, to have my site blaring all that boobage.

All that mighty fine boobage.

So, I'm in this meeting at Police Headquarters and in walks this young woman and she tells us her proposal and she's wearing this tight little tank top type number and she's showing what she's got and she had a lot to show and I catch a glimpse that her nipple is making itself known to the whole room. I don't want to look like a pervert so I avert my gaze but I realize that I should have been able to see both nipples and I had distinctly only remember seeing the one. And I thought, "How can this be? Why would only one be showing?" So, I casually looked and sure enough there was that one still proud as punch and no hint of the other one.

I still didn't understand it. So, I checked my own nipples. I couldn't see any hint of them so I gave them both a tweaking and that's when the lady sitting next to me leaned over and asked if everything was alright.

I said, "Yeah, things are great with me but I think there might be a problem with her right tit."

(some of this is made up)

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