Tuesday, September 01, 2009

His name isn't really, Frank.

In between when things were a little bit cuckoo, a got a chance to talk to my friends at the bar. These friends are mutual friends to one of my co-workers. My co-worker had came and went by the time I got there but he took it upon himself to fill the folks in as to what I was going.

“Yeah, Frank was by and he was saying that everybody is asking you to do a bunch of stuff and he said that you should say to everyone “Go fuck yourself,” and I’m thinking: you’re still pretty young and you’re pretty level headed so I thought that you are probably not going to say that.”

“Yeah, I managed to get through the day without saying that. And the thing of it is, nobody is asking for crazy things and they are things that need to get done and it’s not like it’s anybody’s fault that all these things need to be done right now. Believe me, if I were being asked for all these things because some chucklehead didn’t plan properly, I might be telling them to “Fuck off,” but that’s not the case. So, you do what you have to do.”

As, I was leaving, I stopped by the regular at the end to shake his hand and he said, “You know, Tim, I like watching people that are the best at what they do and I like watching you. You’re the best at what you do.”

I think he was a little bit drunk and I wasn’t certain he knew actually what I was doing that day because he was getting the information second hand so I replied, “Yeah, whatever that may be.”

“No. I’m serious. You’re the best at what you do,” he assured me. I wasn’t going to argue with him so I just thanked him for his words, shook his hand and left.

I’m not the best, I’m just the best-they-got; but at times, I am pretty damn good.

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