Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The muffins were merely just good

I don’t like not be able to just walk out the door and buy whatever I want, not that I have extravagant desires, but they are frequent and numerous.

I’m busy and poor now and I can’t just leave and buy stuff and I find that annoying.

I’m slightly amazed at how undisciplined I am.

I think I need a woman in thigh high boots to discipline me.

See. I was being serious there for a moment and I was uncomfortable with it so I got ridiculous.

Not that I’m opposed to women in thigh high boots.

Part of me believes that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should, and another part of me thinks that if you can do something then why not. It could be the same part that is doing all that thinking for all that I know.

Maybe, I’m confused.


I was having second thoughts about it after it was taking me longer than I had wished to finely dice the apples. I had diced two and had two to go. If I had wanted to waste a lot of perfectly good apple, it would have been easier but I guess I like to have something to complain about.

The apples ended up in muffins which I ended up baking at 10:00pm or there about.

Mini muffins and muffin size muffins were baked and the unused batter went into the refrigerator.

I have a surplus of muffins.

What I need is a woman in thigh high books to force me to bake for her.

And maybe force me to read more books.


I wasn't satisfied with good muffins. I wanted at least very good muffins; I thought my effort deserved it.

They were better at room temperature.

I sometimes wonder if published recipes are sometimes sabotaged or are just carelessly written or just plain bad.

I think I know how to improve the muffins for next time, for this time, the left over batter is going to get at least more cinnamon.


Anonymous said...

Send muffins, please!

King said...

The Queen usually adapts recipes to what she thinks will be better. She's usually right too.