Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm not trying to get smarter, I'm trying to get less dumb

I wish someone would pay me money to work on my house.

I’m trying to read more. I think reading makes you smarter.

Unless you’re reading dumb shit.


I was at my niece’s eighth birthday party on Sunday. It was the first time that I was at my sister’s house but that’s a different issue.

There were kids everywhere and just a few adults, not counting my immediate family and myself, there were six adults. The number of kids was over twenty five.

I got there at about quarter of two; the invite said that the party was scheduled for one. I say by my two younger sisters and my mom. “So what, did people just come by and drop their kids off?” I asked.

There was a large inflatable water slide set up on the side yard, a bouncey house set up nest to that and then a six foot in diameter kiddie pool about two and a half feet deep set next to the swing/play set. There were lots of places for kids to be and those places were spread out.

The rules as I could gather were that there was to be no jumping into the kiddie pool and no one was allowed into the upper portion of the play set.

It was a crazy scene of mostly unsupervised children and about three minutes after I first arrive a little girl was leaking blood from her nose into a beach towel.

I sat watching, hoping not to see what I was very much expecting to see and I would notify my mom who was acting somewhat as a co-host as to certain dangers that I saw.

I left when the pinatas came out and I hoped that my sister’s insurance was up to date.

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