Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another day

People in the office seem to be in a bit of a panic mode.

It like a victim of abuse is trying to do everything possible to provide no reason to be abuse again by a returning spouse. People are being too careful and worrying about things that will not happen.

(Although there is some verbal abuse sometimes, to be fair)

I have legitimate concerns today and these worrywarts are consuming all of my energy.

I am being worn down.

There is too much abuse in the world.


I sit and sip and watch.

I see Tony outside. He is watching too but the way he is watching is like he is trying to decide on what to do next. He served in World War II. I know him from the bar. The bar neither of us frequent too often anymore.

I know he will talk to me if he sees me. He isn't unpleasant to talk too but I look to my right as I see he walk through the door. He is in his own world at the moment and I am content to keep him there. He walks by me continuing on his way.

I watch him disappear into the crowd. He seems even smaller than the last time I saw him. He's about the size of a fifth grader and I slightly worry about his survival but he has made it this long without me worrying about him.

He showed me a picture once. I was him in his youth. He was standing in front of a war plane. It was from a different life or so it seemed.

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