Friday, November 18, 2011


I think she displayed a lot of emotion in her expression but I don't know what that emotion was.

Ferries to the Boston Harbor Islands will resume in May 2012

These ladies ruined the shot I had wanted to take

I wanted this shot but I wanted it at a different angle, probably with me standing closer to the fence.

Poor shot of two birds

I had read about this fire in the newspaper about a week prior to taking this photo. I think the cause was construction related.

There are more than just the homeless out there begging. In this shot I made certain to include his bird friend in the background because I am an awesome photographer. This was my third photo of these sparrows.

Shot two; a moderate improvement over the first shot.

Shot one; if you might lose the shot take it as quick as you can and then later try to get the best shot. Some might say that the table adds drama and color and perspective but I think it imposes itself to be the star of the photo.

Patio heaters, I've seen them before at open cafes. The first time I saw them was in San Antonio, it was in February and it was about 68 degrees at night, and folks were eating in the outside seating areas of some of the restaurants and they had these heaters going and they also had these Mexican blankets that people could drape over themselves due to the "cold." I was walking around in a short sleeve shirt wondering what the fuss was about because 68 degrees is rather nice for outside.

These heaters work pretty well.

Bathroom graffiti 

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Melissa said...

I am so overtaken by the drama and color in the sparrow pic that I can't comment on anything else.