Monday, November 07, 2011


This is a test

Rolled pizza wheels

plain parsley

not rolled pizza wheels


tomato paste with oregano

mushrooms, pancetta, onions, peppers and other stuff

Knife and steel. The steel was my dad's. That knive is the reason I chopped everything by hand as opposed to using a food processor.

Finished wheels

Uncooked wheels

Chopped parsley

Parchment paper folded on the long edge to keep it flat which works better than trying to reverse the curve

Cooked and chopped pancetta

Red pepper

Sweet onion

Also finished pizza wheels

De-stemmed oregano because I care

Chopped oregano

Onions and mushrooms. I diced the stems finer than I did the tops of the mushrooms

Cooked pancetta

Cut pizza wheel roll

Provolone and prosciutto



Melissa said...

If this was a test to see if you could make me hungry, you passed. Your food looks awesome!!

Timothy said...

The test was to see if I could get photos from my point and shoot camera included in a blog post using my iPad.

It was difficult and around about but I did it.

I had to use two different applications and my iPod touch to properly caption things.

I think that the food actually looked a little better than it tasted but I am sometimes a tough judge on the things I make especially when the flavors don't work out quite like I had planned but everyone said that they were good, excellent or addictive.