Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dozen plus six

I just wanted some eggs and what I do when I want some eggs I go get eggs.

I purchased a couple other things while I was at the supermarket: whole coffee beans, chicken breasts, bread and such. I noticed a shopping cart in the parking row next to mine. I noticed it because there was a dark heap lying next to it. The heap had the shape of a person. I watched the cart and the heap as I went to my truck. I watched at least five people pay no heed to the heap. I thought maybe the heap was something similar to a discarded trash bag of laundry. I loaded my truck and put the cart into the corral. I noticed another person do nothing about the heap. The cart next to the heap was loaded neatly with what looked like items from the supermarket.

The area is not known for vagrants.

I walked across the lot to the cart and the heap. The cart was still a cart when I stood next to it but the heap was a woman.

She looked like she was asleep. She looked to be about mid-thirties. She looked clean. She looked pale and a little bit shiny. I thought there was a chance she was dead. "Miss, are you okay?" I asked and received no reply. I asked again and shook her at the upper arm and received no reply. I repeated my actions a second time and again received no reply. I thought I was committed. I could no longer just just walk away.

If she was dead she wasn't dead too long because she wasn't cold.

Then she moved a little. I asked again if she was okay and by now there was a couple nearby. The man had a posture as if he was willing to help but there was really nothing for him to do. She said, "Yes."

I watched her roll over a little as if she was going to get up but she didn't get up. I asked if she needed help. She said, "Yes," but her body language indicated that she meant to say no.

She then tried to get up but she couldn't. She was acting as a person who just woke from a deep sleep. I wondered how long she had been sleeping there. I wondered how she ended up passed out in a supermarket parking lot. She reached her hand out indicating that she wanted help up.

I remembered that I merely just wanted eggs.

I grabbed her hand but I have lifted enough people off of the ground to know that it is difficult to for a person to get up by just being lifted by the hand so I stepped a little closer and placed my other hand under her upper arm. The guy close by stepped a little closer to help her if she needed more help or maybe just to be ready in case she was going to fall back down.

She looked a little unstable on her feet but she also seemed to be done with receiving help. I headed back to my truck and the couple proceeded to their car.

I watched her through my windshield. She was just standing for a little bit. She seemed to be trying to get her body to work and then she walked away.

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