Monday, April 16, 2012

There are times when I just have to wait.

I have to be somewhere before the roadways get closed for some special event and then I have to wait for that event to happen.

It is usually not a long wait but I usually end up drinking more coffee than I probably should but I also try to check my email and other Internet related things; I seek out the free wifi.

She was sitting with her father who seemed to be constantly checking in with his wife. She seemed to be smoothered by his attention; her personal freedom seemed to be infringed upon. He would leave her alone for a moment and then he would ask her how she was doing or some other unimportant question. She was looking about probably trying to figure out the reason for the slight increase of energy on a Saturday morning. The type of energy a 5K race brings about.

I think she knew I was doing more than just checking my email.

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