Friday, June 21, 2013

Shots rang out

"Shots rang out in the night"

It was about 2:30am Monday but it still felt like Sunday because I was sleeping.

I heard the distinctive pop/crack of a gun being fired. Three or four shots at first and then a couple more a moment later. What I didn't hear were police sirens. I remember thinking that the newspapers would probably say the shots rang out even though most gunfire doesn't ring.

I was wrong though because I didn't see any mention of any shooting in that part of town.

I am across the tracks from a neighborhood that seems to like to settle things with firearms.

It is five sets of tracks and an eight lane interstate highway and a different neighborhood trying to survive in peace between them and me.

I could hear the cars on the interstate that night.

The sirens were heard about a minute later so I opened an app on my iPad to listen to the police scanner.

Three crime scenes. Two found victims. One shot in the neck. One shot in the abdomen. The neck wound was non-life threatening on the male victim. The female victim was quickly taken to the hospital.

Someone said something at a party that a certain other someone didn't like was the motive.

I feel asleep not long after that.

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