Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things are different. Things are the same.

I was supposed to have been there, sort of.

In danger's way, and if unscathed, then I was supposed to help.

But I had went to lunch, and then home because it was just another do nothing event.

I still have trouble going into that place where I had lunch because coincidentally the same folks that own the place where I had lunch also are the same folks that own the place that was known as location number two.

Survivor's guilt, I guess.


The drinking has returned but it is no longer an assortment of hard liquors after a few beers, it is mostly just beers.

Beers and Margarita's because if you win a round of trivia, you win a round of Margarita's and playing trivia is a good way to convince yourself you are not an alcoholic but a games man.

Which two Presidents were born in 1924?


89 years old. George H.W. Bush. Jimmy Carter.

In which decade was Goldie Hawn born?

Goldie was on Laugh-In in the 60's and she was in her twenties.

I think I actually wrote down 1960 minus 20 instead of just doing it in my head.

You do not get extra points for showing your work.

I asked.


Lately, I just want to shout at people but all of the people that are within shouting distance are not the actual problem, which leaves me no one to shout at, except myself and then I am that crazy guy on the subway.

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