Friday, June 21, 2013


Too many people ask me for too many things.

"It was one problem after another" would have been more welcomed than several problems all at once.

I was waist deep in problems when a pretty coworker came by my cube and started telling me her problem. In part, it was that she saw a problem on the street and tried to address it and the guy told her to go pound sand because I had told him that he could do it.

I told her I would fix it but that she was fourth on the list.

I did actually give permission to the guy to do what he was doing but I thought he was going to do it in a slightly different place. 

I walked outside and told the guy that he had to move, at least a little. 

The guy moved.


My patience is mostly gone and I am challenging folks when folks really shouldn't be challenged. 

Sometimes I am rude.

"How are things today?" I was asked as someone sat at the desk I was at.

"Not good. How can I help you?"

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