Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Eh, I'll see tomorrow."

"Are you going to be around?"

"No. I'm on vacation."

I say that too often. I will be sitting at my desk when I get asked something and my answer will be, "I'm on vacation," or "I am not officially here today."

There was a meeting that needed to be attended and there was an official request for a protest to handle so I went in. 

But I went in a half hour late.

But no one noticed.

Work is easier when I am on vacation mostly because I can say "no". If I do not like I thing, I am free to walk out. It's my own personal 'fuck you card' that I carry in my back pocket.

"Dude, I came in on my day off just to get my own shit done," works quite well in sending people on their way.

The truth is that I have too many days off and not enough life. I actually have plenty of life it is just that I choose not to live it but I probably do get too many days off.

I went in to do the meeting and the paperwork for the protest but I ended up doing about ten other things; things that would have clawed at any quiet that I might have encountered, so I thought it was worth the investment. 

I am pretty much good until the second week in December.


We got snow today.

I will sleep in tomorrow.


Brian Regan is a comedian. He has this bit about going to the optometrist. He wonders out loud why people do not visit the eye doctor more often when they are having trouble seeing. He explains that  you can go into the doctors office and in about an hour see things that you couldn't see before. He wants to know what's so important that would have people put off seeing.

Then he says, "Eh, I'll see tomorrow."

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